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Best Short-Term Loans: Here Are 8 of the Top Providers

ByDave Stopher

Jun 24, 2022

We all have some emergencies from time to time where we need cash as quickly as possible. Most of the time in these situations, we do not have any savings or funds. When you find nothing significant then Short term loans help cover those unexpected bills or unforeseen costs.

Short-term loans can be a great help to deal with a bad financial day. Now you have online services and the providers which are just one click away from you. This means that you do not need to travel or go into banks or any financial institution to get a short-term loan. 

Now you can apply and even get the cash amount in your bank at home. In this article, we have described the top providers in the UK which offer you to get a short-term loan easily. 

What are short-term loans?

As the name indicates, a short-term loan is a loan that you have to pay back within a short period and the amount of the loan is also not too much.  Usually, the repayment scheme consists of regular installments that you have to pay for up to a year. 

Most of the providers also give you options to choose the time of months or days you want to repay the loan depending upon your borrowed amount. 

Short-term finance is designed in such a way that it will cover different kinds of costs that can’t wait. You can use a short-term loan on your home maintenance or replacement of some home machinery. By using it you can repair your car or can manage other unplanned costs such as medical bills. 

Top 8 Short Term Loan Providers

  • GetPaydayLoan

GetPaydayLoan is one of the short-term loan providers that offer you instant payouts even with bad credit. It doesn’t charge any type of additional or hidden fee to the customers. Additionally, it does not require offering any type of guarantee or collateral. 

It contains a great panel of lenders which you can easily access by just filling out an online application present on the GetPaydayLoan website. All the lenders associated with GetPaydayLoan are trustworthy and responsible.

Get A Short Term Loan With Getpaydayloan: Step By Step Guideline 

You just have to follow 3 simple steps as described below:

Step 1. Go to the official website of GetPaydayLoan and fill out the online application form.

(Here you just have to provide some basic personal information such as your name, credit score, or the contact details. )

Step 2. GetPaydayLoan will offer you different available options along with the interest rate, repayment plans, and other information on loans. Just choose the one that suits you best. 

Step 3. After finalizing the loan you will be able to get the amount within minutes or hours. 

Lending amount range: 

On GetPaydayLoan, you are allowed to get a short-term loan of £50 to £5000. 

  • DotDotLoans

DotDotLoans is an efficient website that provides you with short-term loans. It makes things simple and convenient for its customers. It offers quick loans with flexible repayment services. 

All the loans it is offering to the public are unsecured which means that you do not have to offer your home or any other valuable thing as security. It also does not demand any type of guarantor. 

You just have to choose the amount you want to take and then see what return repayment terms are available for you and then choose the best option for you. 

Lending amount range :

By using DotDotLoans you can get a short-term loan ranging from £100 to £1000. You can pay the amount back over 9,6 or 3 months depending upon the amount. 

  • CashFloat

CashFloat is another short-term loan provider present in the UK. It does not leave any type of impact on your credit score. It offers you short-term loans up to £1000 and within one hour the amount will be transferred to your bank. 

You have to repay the loan in 3 to 9 months’ installments. It also allows you to repay the installment earlier and save your money on loan payments. 

Lending amount range:

CashFloat allows you to take a short-term loan ranging from £300 to £1000. 

  • Fast Loan UK

Fast loan UK is another short-term loan provider that offers cheap short-term loans to users. You can apply for a short-term loan online over limited terms. Here you are allowed to lend money for a few days or up to 12 months. 

You do not have to work a lot as it is providing a straightforward application process and you are allowed to look for your affordability as well as your credit score before heading towards taking the loan. 

It also offers you different repayment options such as whether you want to repay in one payment or on weekly payments or the monthly payments.

Lending amount range: 

On Fast loan UK, you can borrow a minimum of £50 and a maximum of £2000. 

  • New Horizons

New Horizons is considered as one of the providers who are providing short-term loans for bad credit. It is also an online working platform where you have to apply by filling out an online application. 

It let you connect with thousands of lenders. They also work without impacting your credit report in any way. The amount you borrowed from New Horizon has to pay back from 3 to 36 months depending upon the money.

Lending amount range:

New horizons allow you to take a short-term loan ranging from £50 to £5000. 

  • QuidMarket

QuidMarket allows you to take a short-term loan up to £1500 without paying any type of hidden fees. Its official website is very advanced and they have gained a lot of positive reviews on Trustpilot. 

If you are a new customer then you can borrow between £200 and £600 but if you are an old customer then you are eligible to borrow up to £1500. 

Lending amount range:

The QuidMarket allows users to get a short-term loan ranging from £300 to £1500. 

  • Lending Stream 

Lending Stream is also an online short-term provider that offers you instant decisions in most cases. The website claims that after approval of your loan, the money will be transferred to your bank account within 90 seconds. It is also one of those providers that help you to resolve financial problems with bad credit. 

Lending amount range:

The lending stream offers you to borrow amounts ranging from £50 to £1500 which you have to repay over 6 months. 

  • Tappily

It is another short-term loan provider from which you can borrow with a representative APR of 49.7%. To get a loan you have to fill out an online application form. 

If you fail to repay the payment then it will negatively impact your credit history and you may not be able to gain the credit again. It has also gained a lot of positive reviews on the Trustpilot.

Lending amount range:

Tappily allows you to credit up to £2500. 

Ending remarks

Whenever an unexpected expense comes your way then the best option you can choose is to get a short-term loan. In the above article, we have provided the top 8 short-term UK loan providers. It is recommended to choose GetPaydayLoan and it will help you in getting short-term loans easily from trusted and reliable lenders.