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Where to find the best voice-over services

ByDave Stopher

Jul 24, 2022 #Business

Often texts or recordings must be dubbed to be presented to the public.

Dubbing content can be essential to fully connect with an audience, on their terms, in their own language. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right voice-over services that can facilitate information perception, to attract further listening. However, a monotonous voice-over will produce boring results, even the best text won’t keep audiences interested. So, the best services are important.


Voice-over should be well done and match the ideal tonal specifications of the project. This audio will be a pleasure to listen to and capture the minds of every interested person with the services of the top voice-over platforms.


Voquent are an elite team of professionals from the field of voice-over services who love what they all things audio. This team can provide outstanding voice-over for any task. You’ll find more than 70,000 demos to view and more than 1,700 accents and dialects to choose from.


There are examples of professional audiobook readers, advertising announcers, and other experts with perfect speech techniques in the database. Although, every type of content matches with unique vocal requirements.

Everyone is fast, mandatory casting, and the database is constantly updated.

The Voquent database is constantly updated and evolving, offering the smoothest talent casting experience on the web. The site uses a filter system to look for the specific tone, vocal characteristic, language, accent, age, gender, location, etc., needed for the project. Also, Voquent allows you to record voices behind the scenes, on-site or in remote home studios. Audio engineers professionally check home studios, so sound quality is guaranteed.


It is one of the world’s largest marketplaces for finding voice actors. Here you can find voices for TV, radio, video games, and commercials.


The top profiles are the real stars of their genre. Voices is an established network that can provide voices for a wide assortment of projects.


A company that hires professionals to translate, adapt and dub content into manuy languages, including exotic languages like Afrikaans. A total of 28,000 professionals and 50 languages. Well designed with a convenient search engine.


Working with dedicated agencies are a great way to circumvent the usual issues that come with freelancers. Sites with specialism in voice-over mean that each voice must be approved for service.

What languages are most in-demand

In 70% of the cases, English is the main language in demand. Although languages like French, German, Chinese, Spanish, and more are all popular options too.


Fortunately, the number of English-speaking voices is more populous than any other language, so it’s unlikely you will struggle to find the right speaker. At the same time, there are rare languages such as Hindi, Georgian, Armenian, Greek, and the like, whose speakers are more difficult to find and more expensive at the same time.


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