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Why Buying a Used Car is a Better Option


Apr 16, 2020

Saving for your next brand-new entry level car? Well, what if we tell you that you can buy a fancier and better equipped car in the same budget. Continue reading if you’re looking for guides on why buying a used car is always better!

  1. Increased Depreciation.

It is believed that a car loses most of its value during its early lifespan. Therefore, thinking of buying a new car as an investment is incorrect. The warranties and guarantees that comes along with it tends to depreciate too. While it may differ from model to model, but a car loses 50% of its value within the first 3 years. Therefore, why not buy a car that has gone through this period and still remains worthy.

  1. More Choices

When we talk about buying a used car, we talk about selecting from endless variety of cars. With the budget you may have for entry-level brand-new car, you can purchase a lot bigger, better and fancier used car. The new desired models may not always be available in the market, however in the world of used cars you can get any car you had your eye on and at the best possible price.

  1. Lower Insurance Cost

If you purchase a brand-new car, obviously that will cost more to fix in case of an accident. However, in case of purchasing a used car your insurance cost will drop too. The lesser valuable a car, the less money it’ll take to insure it.

You can now join used car communities to know more! Previously purchasing a used car was considered to be like purchasing someone else’s problem. However, in this era its all about making an affordable, informed and wise purchase. To facilitate and to guide you on each step of this purchase, there are various online communities that answers to your endless queries regarding purchasing a used car.

If these communities do not answer your mechanical queries, there are Vehicle History Reports which will further ease your mind. These reports state any accident or repair work that the vehicle has undergone previously. If you are looking for an authentic used car dealer in Brighton then KAP Motors is a really good option. They sell rigorously pre-inspected cars at very competitive market prices.  You can browse through KAP Motor Brighton’s used cars range and book a test-drive online for free. We can bet that reading the above points will make you re-consider your decision to buy a first hand car. If you think about it, you’ll end up saving a lot of money!

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