There are numerous advantages to pressure cooking. Most cooks have started adapting the awesome technology because it makes preparing meals easy and convenient. Any can be a great cook with the Instant Pot. You can research the best Instant Pot recipes if you’d like to have a variety of meals. It doesn’t take a lot of time and the meals are just as tasty. Here are some of the advantages of using pressure cooking.

Saves Time and Energy

Pressure cookers are more energy efficient compared to their counterparts. There are two main factors that make instant pots energy efficient and they include:

The Cooking Chamber: The inner pot of the cooking chamber is fully insulated. This means that the cooker will not need a lot of energy for it to heat up.

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Less Liquid: Pressure cookers don’t need that much liquid compared to conventional cookers for them to function.

Retain Vitamins and Nutrients

Foods cooked for a long time usually end up losing vitamins and nutrients. This beats the purpose of cooking food in the first place. With an Instant Pot, you get to retain the much-needed vitamins and nutrients which are essential for good health. Pressure cooking allows for even cooking of food which leads to 90% retention of the nutrients.

Preserve Taste and Appearance

When you cook with open containers, you will expose the food to oxygen and heat. This will lead to loss of taste and appearance and you’re not likely to enjoy the food as you’d want to. The beauty of pressure cooking is that it saturates the food with steam. This allows for the retention of its bright colors which gives food a rich look and taste.

Eliminate Microorganisms

An instant pot creates an environment where it is almost impossible for microorganisms to flourish. It permits for water to boil at 100°C which is impossible for bacteria to survive. You can also use it as a sterilization tool for baby bottles and jars that are frequently used in the kitchen.

Pressure cookers can also come in handy if you want to neutralize naturally occurring toxins in foods. Phytohaemagglutinin poisoning is common when people eat undercooked beans. It can be a little bit tricky to find the right boiling point for beans when using normal cookers. It will also take a long time before the beans are fully cooked.

Super Safe

Contrary to popular belief, using the pressure cooker is super safe even compared to traditional cookers. Food is cooked in a controlled environment and the variables can be manipulated for precision cooking. There are also onboard safety features which are meant to make cooking easier and even a child could prepare a meal with an instant cooker. The sensors can easily detect if the lead is locked or opened. You also get alerts when the food is ready. You don’t have to open the pot every time just to check on the food. There are different program settings which will depend on the food you’re cooking.


There is an abundance of recipes you can use when you buy a pressure cooker. It will be impossible to exhaust them all no matter how much you love to cook. A quick search online will give you an idea of what you’re working with. You should look for recipes that you’re interested in so that you can enjoy the cooking. Once you’ve mastered cooking with a pressure cooker, don’t be surprised when you cook with your own twists to recipes. After all, recipes should be used as guides and not rules.

Easy Clean

This is perhaps one of the best qualities of an Instant Pot. It is very easy to clean compared to conventional cookers. This is because you only have to worry about one pot which is convenient. Once the pot is clean, you’ll only be left with the plates. The inner pot is also easy to clean if you know the right method to go about it.

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Elaborate Meals

Once you’ve gotten used to it, you can cook elaborate meals without a fuss. Such meals shouldn’t take more than an hour because pressure cooking is faster and more reliable compared to the normal cookers. Something that would have taken a whole day to boil can be cooked in just a few hours. The same can be said for soups and stews. Instant Pots can speed up cooking by a factor of 4. There is no reason why you shouldn’t try out an Instant Pot.