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Why do you need to find the best printing company for your promotional campaign or tradeshow?

ByDave Stopher

Nov 14, 2019 #NYC, #technology

At a glance, the theory of colors seems quite straightforward. The three primary colors – blue, yellow, and red are the sources of every other color in the world.

However, understanding the formation or mixing of colors is a crucial art technique for any marketing professional specializing in the impact of colors on buyer psychology. The basics of understanding the fundamentals of mixing the colors can come from a crash-course on the color systems.

You will need to learn about the additive color system and the subtractive color system. The additive system is one that works with anything that radiates light. The subtractive method involves cyan, magenta, and yellow colors. It works on the principle of the reflection of light.

The pigment printers don’t completely absorb the light. Thus, it is necessary to add a fourth element that we refer to as the “key.” That is the inspiration behind the CMYK system. The “key” acts as a compensating factor that aids in the creation of black. Without it, the closest color any printer would render would be a dark, muddy brown!

Why is the knowledge of color systems and color wheel not enough to meet the goals of promotional printing?

Learning the basics of the color systems and understanding the concept of the color wheel can be time-consuming. Marketing experts, as well as the creative teams, don’t have the time to master the workings of color wheels and principles of printers before a short-notice printing job.

Sometimes, brand PR teams and dedicated marketing companies need to produce hundreds of flyers, brochures, and cards inside a 24-hour window. The task would be close to impossible if each brand in need of flyers or business cards needed to take care of the speed and quality of the print by themselves.

Thankfully, there are thousands of printing companies in NYC. Among them, hundreds have the latest printing technology. However, only a handful of few offers digital prints on a variety of substrates. Whether you are thinking about customized brown paper bags made from recycled paper or cardboard, or suave transparent plastic or polymer business cards; some of these printing companies with the most advanced printing technologies can help you out.

Can custom print jobs for promotional campaigns be unique and challenging?

Custom printed t shirts in bulk jobs can include challenging projects, including the creation of branded pens, personalized stationery items, branded office shirts and polo neck t-shirts, complimentary calendars and notebooks for guests, and branded t-shirts for company events.

These are generally bulk orders that demand finesse and cost-effectiveness. Therefore, instead of booking the services of the nearest printing company, you need to vet the portfolio of all shortlisted printing experts in your area. Finding the right printing company in NYC is indeed straightforward, as long as you know your budget, desired print quality, the quality of the substrate, and the project deadline.

Most printing companies in NYC have the amenities to print mugs, mousepads, coasters, and fridge magnets. Not only that, but they also have the resources to package the printed items and send them to the designated offices or trade show booths. Once you have the right quality of printed promotional goods, the things practically distribute themselves.

What is the benefit of working with an expert printing company in NYC?

The primary advantage of working with an experienced printing company is that they have been doing the job for years now. They have seen the technology evolve and advance with the evolution of consumer demands. In NYC, not living up to the expectation of your consumers can cost you dearly.

There is no shortage of competing brands that target overlapping customer groups. If a sub-category of your audience is not satisfied with the products and services you provide, you risk losing them to your immediate competitor. Therefore, apart from looking for the best quality printing services within the city, you also need to dig deep into the likes and dislikes of your target audience.

For example, research shows that NYC audiences prefer branded mugs, coasters, and outerwear over customized mouse pads and pens. The latest stats from 2019 shows that the environmentally-aware audience is shifting their focus towards branded metal or wooden straws, reusable and branded drinkware (bottles), and other eco-friendly promotional products. A simple branded pencil with viable seeds at the top can make your brand immortal in the minds of your target, eco-friendly audience.

Choosing the right printing material will influence your product’s impact just as much as your print quality. Therefore, even if you have the working knowledge of the color wheel and color schemes, it is advisable to find a company that has been catering to a select group of brands, just like yours, for quite some time. Check their testimonials and reviews to ensure that you have found the best printing company in NYC.

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