I have been gambling semi-professionally for almost 3 years now and what started as a passion has turned into a serious dedication to making money and enjoying the process of gambling. The website which I use the most is novibet.co.uk and I cannot recommend them enough as their sports book features some of the best odds you are likely to find online. Many people ask me about my strategies and also about which sport I generally like to gamble on. Whilst I generally keep tight lipped about my strategies, I am more than happy to tell people that it is football where I have found the most joy, and here is why it is the best sport to gamble on. 


There is no sport which I have come across which offers the range of markets that football does. You can almost bet on every single eventuality of a football match, with the exception perhaps of a protester parachuting down onto the pitch – although I’ve no doubt it won’t be long before we see bets like that! What I also love about betting on football is that so many websites have now started to give you the option fo combining more bets than ever before, if you fancy over 6 corners, a certain player to score and a red card being shown, you can combine those odds and increase your potential profit on your picks. 


As any serious gambler will tell you, the key to making money from betting is not by betting with your gut, but rather studying all of the information that is available to you. Once again this is where football wins as there is more information online about form, team news, injuries, history and detailed specifics than any with any other sport. The internet is awash with resources that can help you to have a crystal clear idea of how teams play in certain conditions, what the information is behind-the-scenes and the trends which each team and players are following. Using the information in the right way is down to the gambler of course, but there is no doubt that when it comes to football, there is more analytics than you can find with any other type of sporting event. 


It is fair to say that football is the most popular sport in the world and that is why there are events on day and night, seven days a week. You can bet on your favorite league or you can start doing some research on far away leagues which take place in the dead of the night. A weekend for example provides over 300 games across Europe which you can bet on, giving you so many chances to make the right picks and earn some serious cash. 

If you aren’t sure which sport you should be betting on, my recommendation would be football all day long.