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Why Is Downtown Center Bid A Place Of Business Opportunities?

Committed to improving quality of life in the Downtown Centre. DowntownLA.com is brought by the Downtown Centre’s business improvement district (DCBID). It is a coalition of 2000 property owners in the Downtown Centre dedicated to build and maintain a safe and productive community for residents, visitors and businesses. 

Safe And Clean District

The dedicated teams play an important role by keeping the district clean and safe, making the Downtown Centre a welcoming place to live, visit, and work. The safety team improves the safety of the Downtown Centre with trained professionals dedicated to maintaining a safer experience for visitors and locals. The clean team works to maintain the cleanliness of sidewalks and other public areas within the district diligently, including trash pickup, high-pressure sidewalk cleanings, and Graffiti removal. 

District Outreach

The team contacts local non – profits, chrysalis, and people assisting the homeless(PATH), to give assistance to disadvantaged people including transitional employment and homeless resources.


The DCBid creates awareness and drives traffic to Downtown Centre businesses, events, and Cultural Institutions. The DCBid marketing team promotes Downtown Centre businesses, events, and cultural Institutions through extensive digital initiatives, space activations, and printed promotions. 

Community Engagement

A key initiative at the DCBid is engaging the local community. The team does that both digitally, including social channels and e-newsletters, and physically by professional meetings, hosting community events, and resident mixers. 

Business Promotion

DCBid wants every business that makes its home within Downtown to find a long-run success and that is why it provides many different opportunities for businesses to promote themselves and engage with the larger DTLA community.

Downtown Guides

When the Downtown guides are not assisting residents and visitors, they are busy with the district businesses. They are equipped with DTLA welcome maps and other useful materials such as metro maps, event brochures, etc. 

Economic Development

The team has taken a leading role in the ongoing transformation of Downtown LA by supporting the property owners, businesses, and entrepreneurs that are building the future. The economic development team focuses its efforts on key sectors of the Downtown economy, which include office, residential, hospitality and tourism, retail investment and development, arts and culture and Streetscapes, and public spaces. 

Downtown Center Business Improvement District | E3 Expo | California

Reports and Research

The DCBid produces independent research and reports on the key factors of the Downtown market providing important information and valuable insight for developers, investors and businesses assessing the DTLA environment. 


The DCBid offers a range of regularly scheduled and custom tours for businesses, residents, and investors giving an unmatched opportunity to experience DTLA  firsthand and learn about the latest projects, trends, and news with focus on what matters most. 

Business Improvement District | Oakland City Center


The DCBid economic development team has a large number of programs and initiatives designed to promote and support each of the key factors of the Downtown economy-attracting new businesses and investment and helping them to thrive. Through a variety of initiatives and programs, they worked across sectors to promote the key drivers of the Downtown economy and attract new investment, business, and development. 

Throughout the year they host informal lunch and learn style meetings for brokers interested in the Downtown market where they share up- to- date development and economic news and insights about the ever-evolving environment of DTLA, made all the more appetizing with the taste of Downtown unique food scene, these events are an opportunity for education and networking post.

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