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Why Portugal is a Great Destination in Summer

It is no surprise that many people choose to live the last season of their lives in Portugal. The weather is beautiful, the cost of living is low, and you can lay on beaches all summer long. But you don’t have to wait to enjoy Portugal. Spending some time there, in summer time, will bring you back the energy you need to get back to work. Here is why you should think of Portugal, for your summer holidays.

Enjoy Fresh Air, the Sun and the Beach

One of the problems that many of us have in common, is that we don’t get to spend time in nature, anymore. Stuck in the city, far from the mountains, the lakes, the forests and the sea, we slave away without the pure air of these sights to reinvigorate us. Heading to Portugal will definitely solve this, as the land is literally shaped to face the littoral, in a line from North to South. It would be difficult to find yourself far from a beach, anywhere. What you should do is choose a camping in Portugal close to the sea. This way, you will be able to spend lots of time outside, throughout your vacation. If you don’t want to lay on the beach, you can remain on site and use their pool complex. One way or another, you will benefit from the fresh air and the sun of this country, so close to the UK.

If what you need most is to lay back on the warm sand and not worry about anything anymore, the Algarve is your final destination. Located in the south of Portugal, it features some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. It is especially a great location, if you enjoy some waves. But most of all, you will be surrounded by incredible cliffs, straight out of a nature magazine. Don’t miss Faro Island Beach and its long stretch of golden sand.

A Golfer’s Paradise

If golf is your favourite sport, you will be able to get your fill, while you are there. There are many golf courses around the country. You can move around in a golf cart, if the sun is beating down too hard on you. The beauty of these luxury courses will make the days go by rapidly, and you can enjoy a nice refreshing drink, once you are through the 18 holes. Make it an evening as well, while you are there, by having dinner at the property where you have chosen to play.

Discover Porto’s Wine

If you enjoy liquors, then you must know about Porto. This fortified wine, is famous all around the world. It comes from the city of the same name, which you will find near the top of the country. If you have never tasted it before, chances are, you will want to take a couple of bottles back home with you, once you do. While in Porto, don’t miss out taking the touristic bus tour, which will take you over the famous city bridge, the Ponte Dom Luis I. It goes over the River Douro, joining the city on the North bank to Vila Nova de Gaiaon, on the south side.

Visit Coimbra: One of the Oldest University in the World

If you are looking for a bit of culture and knowledge, during your holidays, look no farther than the city of Coimbra. There you will discover a school that was founded in the 13th Century, which makes it one of the first in the history of mankind. Once on location, you can visit their beautiful botanical garden, as well as the Mermaid’s Garden. Naturally, a visit inside these walls of knowledge is a must.

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