Remote Desktop Access is a fun and easy way to share and control several screens remotely from one device. It is an excellent tool for businesses of various sizes, corporate set ups, educational institutions, as well as families. It helps several screens to stay connected and work on or enjoy the same thing at the same time. Depending on your needs there are options of consumer-grade as well as enterprise-grade remote access. There are several reasons why you should spring for an enterprise-grade Remote PC Access at your workplace, instead of consumer-grade. Let us explore the advantages, so that you can make a better decision.

Better safety and more security options

The biggest difference between consumer-grade and enterprise-grade remote access lies in its security. You have a number of excellent options to work on while setting up your security levels between your employees, clients and teams etc. You can set up one-time access options, temporary access, lock several input options, screen record and more. When it comes to workplace, business, corporate or any other set up, security is a massive concern as volatile information and company’s confidential data are at stake if there is a security breach. Therefore, it is a smarter idea to opt for an enterprise-grade remote access plan, which offers you added security with various customization options to choose and personalize.

More robust to handle your company’s needs

Consumer-grade remote access options work really well with families, for personal use, in smaller educational institutions and can even work decently well enough in small businesses. However as your business grows, its needs change over time and that is why you need an enterprise-grade remote device access tool, especially if you are not a very small start up. It is designed specifically for workplaces, making them more robust in their function. It is definitely preferably suited to adjust to your company’s needs and also offers you several superior options, which can be massive game-changers in your everyday work scene.

Better equipped to handle heavier load

Enterprise-grade remote access tools are designed keeping in mind the needs of larger companies, businesses and corporate workspaces. Connection among multiple employees, teams and clients spread across a larger network is a major work and enterprise-grade tools are created exactly for that. They are better equipped to handle bigger load of accessing, more custom options and can easily help create connections among various devices operating on a larger range of OS without any lag or delay issues. The ability to work with different platforms offers you flexibility and versatility. It is, thus faster and way more efficient, if you are running a sizable company.

Some users feel that owing to the various personalization options available, an enterprise-grade remote access tool takes up some extra effort. While this can be true, to some extent, the benefits, especially added security over consumer-grade plan, definitely trumps the extra work. With a little effort, you can offer your company the right boost it needs for its processes as well as top-notch safety.