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With 100,000 users of SchoolScreener Covid Manager, Thomson Screening & Ednology announce partnership

With many schools finding Covid data management increasingly complex, Ednology is partnering with Thomson Screening to bring SchoolScreener Covid Manager to schools nationally.

This brings together Ednology’s expertise in supporting schools to select and implement software with a solution that eliminates the data management and administration for Covid testing from home and in school.

Thomson Screening is a specialist in creating and delivering screening management software including the already popular SchoolScreener® which is used with over 1 million children annually.

Ednology bring together the best education technology and products under one roof, making it easier for schools to find the resources they need.

The partnership will bring SchoolScreener Covid Manager to many more schools – helping them to save time, money and resources around the new Covid testing requirements.

Michael Ter-Berg, CEO of Thomson Screening said, “With the support of the Government’s Innovate UK funding, we have been able to make SchoolScreener Covid Manager available at a very low cost for schools. Partnering with Ednology will give even more schools access to the software and enable it to be scaled nationally. Schools can be set up on the system withing 24hours and full support is available. From our work with schools so far we know that the savings more than offset the small monthly subscription.”

Tom Martin, CEO of Ednology said, “SchoolScreener Covid Manager has rapidly grown to managing over 100,000 tests of staff, children and parents. We will now bring Ednology’s experience in using technology in schools, so that Covid data management is one less task to worry about among the many challenges due to Covid.”

For more information see: https://uk.schoolscreener.com/school-covid-manager/

Thomson Screening

SchoolScreener Covid Manager is a software platform that enables Schools to manage Covid 19 Testing of staff, students and parents in schools and at home. Functions include automated data and list management, reporting to the schools, reporting at local and national level for bodies including Public Health, Community Health and Employers with data reporting into other systems, as required.

A separate module using questionnaire and risk assessment methodology enables staff and parents to self-report Covid-19 symptoms with automated reporting to local (or national) Public Health, the ability to automatically push out messaging specific to the individual with symptoms.

SchoolScreener Covid Manager is based on Thomson Screening’s SchoolScreener applications widely used for School health programmes by NHS Trusts. Development of SchoolScreener Covid Manager was supported by funding from the UK Government’s Innovate UK.

Web: https://workscreener.com/covid-19-test-manager/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SchoolScreener/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Schoolscreener/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/thomsonscreening/


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