Yarm Pre-Preparatory School children continued their woodland adventures with a Bonfire Night themed project. The pupils were joined by youngsters from the Kids 1st Nursery in Bowesfield, Stockton.

A bonfire, sparklers and a range of Autumnal activities created a fairy-tale environment for the group to enjoy.

The Woodland School sessions take place to help educate the children in a fun and interactive way, engaging them in many activities including den building.  Yarm School provided the transport to and from Kids 1st Nursery in Stockton, and it is hoped that the events will become a regular occurrence for both schools.

Laura Rowlands, Nursery Teacher at Yarm Pre-Preparatory School said: “These magical Woodland School sessions are fantastic for the Pre-Prep children to really get back to nature and enjoy everything the wood has to offer.

“Interactive sessions such as these are great for the development of the children and help to offer a different environment for learning other than within the four walls of a classroom.

“Inviting the nursery children from Kids 1st also helps our children to develop not only their communication and social skills but also helps them to build friendships from a young age.”

Kelly West, Deputy Manager at Kids 1st Nursery, said: “We’re delighted to be invited along to these fantastic sessions held at Yarm School.

“The woodland is a wonderful place for the children to interact with each other and to enjoy some amazing experiences and everyone had a fantastic time.”