Snappd is a unique one hand dispensing mechanism for alcohol-based hand sanitiser, designed and manufactured in the UK by Yorkshire-based company Lifestyle Packaging.

Many hand sanitiser dispensers on the market are plastic unit dose bottles which are touched by many different people. This could unintentionally contribute to the spread of bacteria and viruses in retail, office, transport and healthcare environments.

Snappd is unique and avoids multiple contact. The sachet can dispense a single dose of hand sanitiser gel by simply bending it in half with one hand, keeping contact and cross-contamination to a minimum.

Each Snappd sachet (50mm x 50mm) contains 1.5ml of body-safe and odourless 71% alcohol sanitiser which leaves the hands bacteria-free without the need for rinsing or drying. Each sachet has a shelf life of 12 months if kept in ambient temperatures.

Snappd delivers cost and environmental savings too when compared to other dispensing solutions on the market. Each compact pack contains 250 single-use Snappd sachets, allowing to transport large volumes using minimal space.

There are three different material formulations – compostable, bio-based using renewable sources and recyclable – and in-house technologists will offer personal consultations to advise on the best packaging option. All packaging materials are manufactured in the EU.

Snappd is currently being marketed in a business-to-business capacity, with Lifestyle Packaging technologists providing custom packaging design services, utilising full four colour printing to showcase brands attractively.

Beyond hand sanitiser, the Snappd mechanism has a variety of customised opening functions for different personal care and food products.

For example, a halfmoon shape for high viscosity products like cosmetic creams and honey; a zig-zag shape for powders and granules; and a rectangular shape for media viscosity products for spread applications.

Rich Quelch, Head of Global Marketing at Lifestyle Packaging comments:

“In response to the widespread demand for hand sanitiser products around the world, the new product development team at Lifestyle Packaging has created an innovative solution to help address these supply chain challenges and keep more people safe from the threat of COVID-19.

“Snappd will be available from 1st June 2020 and Lifestyle Packaging is accepting pre orders now. The device can be scaled in size to dispense between 0.5ml to 25ml volume of product and costs will be determined by product size, fill capacity and volume.”