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Your Teenagers Should Try These Unique Sports

It’s common for teenagers to stick with the same activities or sports they’ve played all their lives. The social norm is that if a teen does football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, cheer, or softball, there is no reason for them to play other sports. That shouldn’t be a reason for not exploring other options, though.

Some of the less traditional sports listed below are very fun and worth trying. Besides keeping teens active, these sports also develop skills such as coordination and agility that are necessary for many other activities. 

Consequently, these sports could improve a person’s well-being and prevent unhealthy habits from developing. The following are five alternative sports teens should try.


Rowing is an activity that requires a lot of coordination and strength. This makes it an excellent choice for developing both physical and mental strength. An athlete can work individually or with a team, depending on their needs. 

Rowing can be a bit difficult to pick up, so trying a rowing summer camp may be a good idea. These camps will help athletes to learn the rules and technique of the sport. 

Finally, rowing has one of the highest ratios of high school athletes to college athletes on scholarship of any sport. 

Track and field

Teens who are passionate about competing against others may enjoy track and field. Track and field is a sport in which competitors participate in over a dozen different events. Distance running, sprinting, jumping, throwing, and hurdles are among the options that an athlete can choose from. 

There are a number of skill sets that track and field offers that appeal to kids and teens. It doesn’t matter your body type, natural athletic ability, or prior experience – there is something for everyone in track. 

Additionally, it’s a sport in which almost everyone can participate. There is no “bench” in track, so if someone is on the team, they are likely to be competing in something. 

Martial arts

Martial arts are a great way for teens to stay physically fit and very active. Not only will it help improve coordination, balance and agility, but it will also help strengthen different muscles that aren’t used in many other sports.

Martial arts are great for anyone who wants to learn discipline and technique with a good martial arts school. It’s also a sport where progress is clear and evident with the different belts that can be achieved by completing tasks and showing progress.

In contrast to some of the other sports on the list, finding martial arts opportunities is very simple since there are thousands of businesses throughout the country.

Ultimate Frisbee

The sport of ultimate frisbee is an easy and fun alternative for teens who are already playing other sports. Soccer-like movement, football-like strategy, and basketball-like position roles can all be found in ultimate frisbee. 

This is still a growing sport so finding a league can be difficult. But where they exist, it is worth checking out. If there is no league, learning the rules of the game and finding a group of friends to play is about as simple as any other sport. The only equipment needed is a cheap frisbee and an open field.

Horseback riding

Horseback riding is a great sport for teens who want to be more active outdoors and develop their balance, coordination and agility. There are a lot of different directions someone can go with horseback riding including choosing a rodeo event, racing, or show jumping. 

Horseback riding can also be very therapeutic. Time and trust are needed to develop a relationship with a horse, so a teen can get a sense of accomplishment and feel close to their animal. 

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