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10 Reasons to Replace Your Exterior Doors before winter

ByDave Stopher

Sep 27, 2020 #property

Exterior doors replacement is an important undertaking for all homeowners. However, there is no time it becomes so important than when the winter is around the corner. Winter brings along extreme cold that can be punishing if you have old and less energy-efficient doors or windows in your home.

So, why is pro winter doors replacement so important? That is what we want to explain to you in this piece. According to Total Home Windows and Doors, replacing your exterior doors before winter comes benefits you in the following ways. Take a look.

  1. To Keep Your House Warm

Old exterior doors have poor insulation. They allow cold air in and makes you cold regardless of whether you have a superior heater or not. New doors have awesome insulation and keep your house warm throughout since they prevent movement of cold air into the house. Without a doubt, everyone wants to stay warm during the winter.

  1. To Prevent Break-ins

Winters have a high rate of property theft. Old doors often have weak security support and thieves can let themselves inside your house easily. Tighten your security by installing a new entry doors to discourage thieves from targeting your home. Front doors act as the first defense of your home, and no would-be burglar would try to beak in when he sees new doors.

  1. It Might Be Affordable

Most businesses are low during winter. Similarly, because most people do not do their repairs and replacements during winter, demand for doors is low. Door companies offer special discounts and offer during winter to keep running. You end up installing your new door at a cheaper price than you could have during warmer seasons. Along with getting all the benefits of exterior door replacement, you also want to do your project at low cost.

  1. Long-Lasting

Winter can deteriorate the condition of your old door. As a result, it makes it unsafe and expensive since you will have to keep repairing it to prevent property damage from weather elements. A new door can save you from all this hustle and serve you many years before needing a replacement.

  1. To Get Ready for Spring

Spring comes with a lot of clearing work. This type of work is time and energy-consuming that you can barely fix an extra task in your schedule. Replacing a door during spring is quite difficult, and doing it before is more efficient.

  1. For Easy Clean-up

Winter snow tends to create stubborn stains after melting on old entry doors. Since the door is fragile from old age, it requires special attention, which can be time-consuming and expensive. Eventually, the stains do not clear completely. New exterior doors do not stain easily and are easy to clean.

  1. To Have Cheap Heating Costs

Because of the poor insulation old doors provide, a lot of heating is required in a home. Energy bills increase as you try to heat your home throughout to beat the cold.

New exterior doors help you save the cost. They do not allow cold air in because they have fantastic insulation. Your heating costs reduce since they maintain warmth in the house and you don’t have to keep your HVAC system running always.

  1. To Avoid Damages on Floors and Carpets

Old doors are susceptible to damages caused by harsh weather. They can fall in, allowing snow to land on your floor and carpet. Snow causes stains and encourages mold growth on these surfaces.

New entry doors are strong and can protect your floor and carpets from snow and ice damages.

  1. To Have an Excellent Installation Time

Summer heat causes expansion on door frames making it challenging to install a door. Cold weather causes contraction to door frames which can be difficult to operate when it gets warm. So, the late fall provides an excellent time for door replacements.

  1.  To Have a Quick Installation

Installing a door just before winter is quicker than during summer and spring. Few people replaces their exterior doors during this time, so you do not have to wait in the installer’s waiting list.

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