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10 Unusual Study Hacks and Tips

ByDave Stopher

Jul 3, 2019 #education

We’ve all been down the cramming road with gallons of coffee and long studying nights. With so many distractions, activities, and vibrant social life, only a few students retain discipline and study regularly throughout the semester. Don’t be hard on yourself, because you probably should miss out on regular studying and be a distracting couple of times. Otherwise, chances are you are missing some of the extracurricular fun activities.

What can students do to improve their studying performance? Cramming is not the way to go. That is why we gathered the best study hacks and tips, and some of them might feel odd at the beginning.

How to improve studying with unusual tips?

There are some prerequisites for the quality learning experience. Good night sleep is invaluable to your memory and overall performance. Long studying nights happen because of the poor planning, so better time and task management will also prepare you for more efficient studying sessions. You could write down your plan or use the software. Applications can range from time management to more specialized software like professional math apps or numerous tools for academics and research students.

When you have the studying environment ready, it’s time to focus on the more productive learning process.

  1. Divide into smaller pieces of material

You will learn better if your studying material is divided into smaller bits and pieces. If you try to memorize large chunks of data in a short period, your brain infrastructure will work against you. The way to deal with overwhelming material is to divide it or group facts and figures together based on some common denominator.

  1. Don’t cram, review lessons the same day

We all know cramming is terrible, but how to avoid it. Better planning is one way, and another practical tip related to the way our brain works would be reviewing the lecture material the same day. This way, you will allow your memory to solidify the knowledge and to study smarter.

  1. Jog your memory with an unusual sensation

Just like in Marcel Proust’s novel, where the sense of Madeleine biscuits brought back childhood memories, you could boost your recollection of studying material with unusual senses. You could spray unfamiliar scent while studying and again before the exam. The same trick applies with chewing gums or any other distinctive scent or taste that will trigger a reaction in your brain.

  1. Create notes/cheat cards

Before the exam, write down notes on the index cards. Act as though you are creating a cheat card which you can bring on the test. This way, you will recall your knowledge on the subject and structure it in an organized manner.

  1. Edu Birdie

Writing an essay, various papers and summaries are also part of a student’s life. Complying with the rules of writing an essay will help you in future professional life. Use online resources to perfect your writing. Edu Birdie will check your work for plagiarism, and tools like Grammarly can check spelling, grammar, and style.

  1. Youtube and recorded lectures

Watching films, documentaries, and recorded lectures on YouTube could serve as an excellent introduction to the studying subject. You can get insights, learn a thing or two, and it will be an excellent foundation for the classical learning process.

If you struggle with time, you could listen to recorded lessons at double the speed.

  1. Color coding

Similar to food and scent sensations, color coding plays the same card. Taking notes with different colors, or underlying your studying material with colors will activate your visual memory. This will also create better-looking notes.

  1. Memory

Use mnemonic devices like rhyme, acronym, or connection mnemonics for better memory performance.

Write down all the formulas on the paper at the start of the exam. This way, you have refreshed your memory, and you will have all the relevant tools for writing the exam.

  1. Block distractions

Use software like RescueTime and Simple Blocker to block unwanted sites and to remove possible distractions while studying. If you haven’t removed a smartphone from your distraction-free studying zone, thy Stay Focused app that will block content on your phone.

  1. Food trail rewards

Pick your favorite sweets and place them if you can throughout learning material. When you reach a checkpoint, you get to eat chocolate candy or some other treat you placed strategically in your studying books.


Whatever study hacks you apply, there is no alternative to warming up the chair. Hopefully, memory boosters like colored notes, chewing gums, or other forms of the brain- studying material connection could make a significant impact on your studying performance.

These hacks work, but not if you didn’t get proper sleep in days and behave like caffeine driven zombie crammper. Make your student life more manageable and learn more efficiently with Top 10 study tips and hacks.


Guest article written by: Elizabeth Skinner is a freelance author and essay writer with a background in covering educational and cultural topics. Elisabeth’s style is engaging and active in promoting positive ideas. Her mission is to transfer her to know how and rich experience in the form of high-quality articles and blog posts.

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