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10 Useful Tips On Choosing The Right Pesticide


Jul 4, 2019 #Environment

Pesticides are essential implements in managing pests, but they are toxic by nature. They can pose a health risk to animals, humans, and the environment. Before selecting the right pesticide, it is crucial to read the product label and to understand the instructions. This will lower the risk of contracting health problems when using it. To effectively relegate the risks associated with the use of pesticides, it’s recommended to select pesticide products that have low toxicity, which is generally marked with a signal word “caution.” This is one of the chief hypotheses relating to Integrated pest management. Search for products which are registered in your state. The database usually contains information about the type of pest that needs to be addressed as well as the product name and active ingredient.

10 Tips On How To Select The Right Pesticide

1. Gain Knowledge About The Pest

To avoid wasting money and time as a result of misidentification, make sure if an expert or professional have appropriately identified it.

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2. Look For The Pest On The Label

Make sure you are choosing a substance that is designed for eradicating the particular pest in mind. The label usually has a list of the targeted pests.

3. Deciding On How Much Pest Movement You’re Willing To Handle

Sometimes it’s not possible to eliminate a pest, but you can reduce the population to a more acceptable level. Also, check if the product conforms to biocide regulations and has been approved by the EU. Many disinfectants are considered as biocidal products. Many of the active ingredients in the products are not yet approved by the EU and are still under review. Some products were banned by the EU since they are not safe to use.

4. Take Into Account The Treatment Area

Are there any delicate areas near the treatment area, for instance, does the area slope towards susceptible areas like the garden, playground, a stream, etc. Do you have plants closeby that may be affected?

5. Selecting An Efficient Product

It may be useful to contact an expert or make a call to your local extension office to ask for advice and tips on which products they would recommend that would be the best fit for your pest issue.

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Tips For Buying A Disinfectant

  • Be on the lookout for the signal word, which is generally products that are labeled “caution.” These products have low toxicity. Products who don’t have the signal word may not be adequate to address the pest problem.
  • Make sure you read about the necessary safety equipment as per the product label. This could include anything like goggles, chemical protective clothing, gloves, or other items.
  • Check the ingredients of the product and whether it targets a particular pest group.
  • Only buy what you’ll be needing this season and only mix what is necessary. Some pesticides have limited shelf life, and storing them may pose a safety hazard.
  • Make sure you are reading the whole label before you start using a product. This way, you’ll be using the product as intended.

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