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UPDATE: 100 Everyday Heroes join Simon Cowell in bid to Save Kian Musgrove


Feb 27, 2016 #kian, #simon cowell

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 23.12.06The story of 3 year-old Kian Musgrove’s battle with Neuroblastoma is on everyone’s lips since X-Factor boss Simon Cowell stepped up this week, donating £25,000 to his fund for lifesaving treatment which is only available in the US.

Simon’s generous gift has brought the story to the nation’s attention and the nation has in turn fallen in love with the little boy from Newcastle who has put up a brave and unwavering fight since the relapse late last year that left him out of treatment options here in the UK.

The fundraising – which had already been hugely successful, raising almost £250,000 in the 18 months since Kian was first diagnosed with the aggressive form of childhood cancer – gained momentum in early February when 800 people came together in Blyth, Northumberland for Fight for Kian; an evening of amateur boxing between 20 top comedians, hosted by Blyth-based Punch-Drunk Comedy. With the involvement of a cross-section of the UK comedy industry including host Rhod Gilbert, the event developed into a carnival and raised another £30,000 towards Kian’s fund.

Since this event a dramatic influx of donations including a second £40,000 from a supporter in Luxembourg and £25,000 from Simon Cowell has seen Kian’s initial £500,000 target reached, meaning that he will definitely be going to America for treatment!

Kian still needs people’s help though – as any complications or unexpected hospital admissions (which could happen as a result of anything from a common cold) – will cost thousands of pounds more.

This is where Kian’s 100 Heroes come in.

With the Blyth people eager to learn how they could help Kian further in the aftermath of Fight for Kian, Punch-Drunk’s Kai Humphries launched the 100 Heroes campaign – seeking 100 everyday heroes to pledge to raise £1000 each by whatever means necessary, to get Kian on that all important flight.

Explaining what lead him to the decision that this was the best course of action following the Comics Boxing, Kai said “People kept asking – where is the hero – but Kian didn’t need just one hero, he needed 100 of them. And these people didn’t need to be rich and famous, just everyday people with huge hearts.”

It turned out that those everyday heroes weren’t hard to find and the unlikely partnership between the people of Blyth and the comedy industry is continuing to come up trumps for Kian.

Kai explained that when they put out their “war cry”, the heroes came running. 80 people had signed up within 24 hours and there are now 92 in total, who have already raised over £22,000 – before any of the weird and wonderful events and challenges that the heroes are organising, get underway!

Those 92 people include comedians Ben Crompton, best known for his role as Dolorous Edd in Game of Thrones – and Marcus Brigstocke, who has pledged to personally match the sum of the donations made to his £1000 campaign.

Meanwhile the other heroes are planning long-distance bike rides, head-shaves and even sponsored first-time stand-up comedy sets at major comedy clubs including The Edinburgh Stand!

Since news of the £500,000 target being reached, the 100 Heroes have continued their fundraising efforts with full-stream ahead, to make sure Kian has all of the money needed, to save his life!

The 100 Heroes plan to celebrate reaching the £100,000 target and putting Kian on his flight at Marches Punch-Drunk gigs in Blyth, Bedlington & Ashington on the 21st, 22nd & 23rd – where Gary Delaney, Jarred Christmas and Damien Clark will be performing.

You can find out how to get involved, as one of Kian’s heroes or by supporting or attending one of the events, by searching ‘Punch-Drunk Comedy – Blyth’ on Facebook.

Or donate directly to Kian here – www.kapipal.com./caringforkian

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