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11 Reasons to Charter a Flight for Business

More and more businesses are choosing to charter flights for their employees to travel and get to meetings. With companies no longer contained to just their office or home country anymore, travelling is a must for millions of people each year.

While many may think a charter plane is something only for the rich and famous, many companies can not only afford them but will also benefit from them. Here are 8 reasons you should charter a plane for business. 


The first significant benefit of using a chartered plane is convenience. While most countries across the globe have multiple international and local airports, you are limited to flying between those when you travel commercially. 

Chartering a plane allows you to take off and land at commercial airports, as well as smaller, private airstrips. This becomes more useful in countries with only one or two international airports, as you can land in the city you need to be in instead of catching another flight to get there. 


Travelling by a private jet is much faster than travelling commercially. The speed isn’t necessarily from the aircraft itself, but rather from the process of getting to the airport, checking in your luggage, waiting for take-off, etc. 

This is all eliminated with private and charter travel as you often arrive at a separate part of the airport, check-in and baggage drop-off take a few minutes, and you can get onto the aircraft immediately. 

More Flexible 

Even though there are tens of thousands of flights every day, there are some routes where there are only one or two flights a day. Chartered planes have substantially more flexibility than commercial flights in almost every way. 

You can choose your departure time, where you take off from, where you land, and if you make any stops along the way. A chartered flight can be almost entirely personalised for your needs. 

Office in the Sky

A charter flight can be transformed into an office in the sky. You have space to work; you can have an internet connection, host video calls and conference calls whenever you need to, and work like you usually would. 

This also means that private flights are far more productive than regular flights, which also extends to the time before the flight. The departure gates and lounges for private and chartered aircraft have all the facilities you need to work and get stuff done. 

More Affordable 

This aspect may be surprising to some, but travelling in a chartered or private jet is more affordable than travelling commercially. This is simply down to the size of the aircraft and how many people can travel on it at one time. 

Even if you charter a flight yourself, being able to fill the seats is much more affordable than travelling commercially, especially over long distances. 

Fewer Baggage Restrictions

This is an aspect that applies mainly to those who would usually travel with a lot of gear, prototypes for something their company has created, etc. Private chartered jets often have far more relaxed baggage restrictions than commercial flights.

Optimised Time Usage

As mentioned, these flights allow you to work and be more productive, translating to your being able to optimise the time you have available in whatever way you see suitable. For example, this becomes even more beneficial to those who have careers in the stock market.  

You don’t waste any time travelling and are available for more time when you are getting from point A to point B. 

Professional Image

Maintaining a professional image for clients is a must in many work environments. A private jet shows clients and potential clients that you are serious about what you are doing and portrays an image of class. 

High-profile clients will also be accustomed to travelling this way and will probably expect it. Therefore having a relationship with a charter company is a must. 

Better Food

While this isn’t necessarily specific to business travel, chartered flights will often have much better meal and drink selections. This further increases the comfort of the flight as well as the flying experience. 

Safety and Maintenance Standards

Finally, chartered aircraft are much easier to maintain and hold to a high safety standard. While commercial aircraft are clearly safe to fly, the much smaller private planes and fleets require less work, and problems are far easier to spot. 

Additional Services

Many charter companies will offer far more than just flights. You can often book travel to and from the airport or airstrip, make lunch or dinner bookings, and some offer direct bookings with hotels too. 

These companies understand that being full-service is what their clients want and need, further adding to the convenience of travelling this way. 


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