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11 Tips For Travelling Safely With A Pet In Your Car

ByDave Stopher

Oct 27, 2021 #Motoring, #pets
  1. Get a Pet Carrier

You should never travel with your pet in the front passenger seat of your vehicle. Though cars have airbags to cushion you from the impact in case of crash, they can seriously injure and even kill you’re your pet if you are involved in a collision. The best and safest way to travel with a pet such as a dog is to sit them in a pet carrier that is safely anchored or strapped to the backseat with a seatbelt. Ideally, you should buy carrier that is large enough for you dog to stand, lie down and turn around. For the enhanced safety of your pet, you can also acquire a pet seatbelt though these seatbelts have not been fully tested and proven that they can protect your pet in case of a crash.

  1. Ensure That Your Pet is Restrained During The Drive

When cruising down the road, your entire focus should be on the road. If are driving with an unrestrained pet, it can easily distract your focus when it suddenly gets excited or scared. You can easily restrain your pet using a pet carrier and a pet seatbelt when driving. Get all that you need to keep your pet safe at Your Car Parts.

  1. Make Your Pet Accustomed To Being in a Moving Car

If you are planning on taking your dog for a long trip, you should make first make it accustomed to being in a moving vehicle for long periods of time. Consider taking a few short trips with your dog and then increase the length of the trips over time so that your pet can get accustomed to being inside the vehicle for a long period of time.

  1. Don’t Forget To Feed Your Pet

Ideally, you should feed your pet a light meal at least three hours before you embark on your trip. During the trip, make short pit stops to feed your dog instead of feeding them in a moving vehicle. If you feed your pet in a moving vehicle, it can induce pet sickness.

  1. Don’t Leave Your Dog in a Parked Car

Temperatures that are lower than 35°F or higher than 70°F can be pretty unsafe for your dog. To ensure that your dog has sufficient air at all times and to prevent it from suffering from heatstroke, always take your pet with you when parking your car or leave your windows cracked open. If you leave your dog in a car with all the windows closed, passers-by may decide to break your windows thinking that the animal is trapped within.

  1. Pack a Travel Kit for Your Dog

When bringing your pet along for a trip ensure that you also bring a fully stocked pet travel kit along. The kit should contain items such as food, water, feeding bowls, medications as well as your pet’s health records including proof that the animal has been fully vaccinated. Additionally, to keep your pet occupied and busy during the drive, you should also consider bringing a few toys (your pet’s favorites as well as new ones).

  1. Ensure That Your Pet is Tagged

Though your pet may have a microchip, you should always make sure that it is collared with an ID tag that contains details on your home address as well as your phone number. If you are going on a long trip, ensure that the tag also displays contact information for the place where you will be staying. Always ensure that the collar on your pet is flat. NEVER use a choke collar on your dog to avoid the risk of strangulation.

  1. Close Your Car Windows When Driving

Dogs putting their heads out of a driving car is one of the cutest things that you will ever see not to mention that it also makes them happy. However, it also puts them at risk of being hit with debris or being ejected out of the vehicle if you brake suddenly. As such always ensure that your dog does not put its head out of the window when driving. You can prevent this behavior by using a pet carrier and pet seatbelt or rolling up your windows when driving.

  1. Ensure That You Carry Your Pets Documents Along

If you are planning on travelling across state lines or going past an international border, do not forget to bring health records that show that your dog is fully immunized.

  1. Don’t Forget To Bring Fresh Water for Your Pet

Contaminated water can make your pet to have an upset stomach. When going on a trip, bring fresh water from a trusted source or buy bottled water for your pet.

  1. Make The Interior of Your Car More Comfortable for Your Pet

Before embarking on a long drive, prepare your car for your pet. There is a huge selection of car seats and covers in the market that you can acquire to not only protect the interior of your vehicle but also make it more comfortable for your pet.

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