This is not a secret that the owners of the gambling business are impressively rich people. According to Forbes magazine, the list of the richest people in 2020 includes businesspeople who made their fortune in the gambling business. So, who they are and how much do they earn – read below.

1)     Sheldon Adelson – $26.8 billion

Sheldon Adelson is one of the richest people in the world and is ranked 28th in the Forbes list. The 86-years old gambling magnate owns the largest casino chain in the United States – Las Vegas Sands. Besides, he is a well-known philanthropist, who founded a charitable foundation where he annually donates $200 million.

2)     Lui Che Woo & Family – $11.7 billion

The next richest man on the 106th position of Forbes is also a casino magnate. His name is Lui Che Woo and he founded the consulting company Galaxy Entertainment Group, which now manages six casinos in Macau. At the age of 91, Mr. Woo goes to work every day. He is one of the richest people in Hong Kong and more than half of his profits come from casinos.

3)     Johann Graf – $6.5 billion

Austrian businessman Johann Graf made his fortune by developing the best online pokies. He created Novomatic Group conglomerate with an annual turnover of $2 billion. Today, the company has 43 offices in different countries and exports its services to more than 80 countries in the world. In the Forbes list, Graf is ranked 230th.

4)     Mark Sheinberg – $4.9 billion

In 2001, Mark Scheinberg and his father founded PokerStars. In 2014, Mark sold the famous poker brand, thus becoming the youngest billionaire on the planet. In 2017, he was even named the richest man on the Isle of Man. In 2020, Mark Scheinberg is ranked 345th in the Forbes list.

5)     Denise Coates – $4.5 billion

Denise Coates is a successful British businesswoman and co-owner of the highly profitable online betting company Bet365. This business is family-owned – other shares of the empire belong to her brother and father. In the list of the richest women in Great Britain, Coates is ranked 5th. She started counting for her father’s bookmaker company at school, eventually turning it into a digital giant. In 2020, she takes her 383rd place in the list of the richest people in the world.

6)     Teddy Sagi – $4.5 billion

Israeli businessman Teddy Sagi founded Playtech – a gaming software company and turned it into a highly successful venture. In 2016, he sold his shares in Playtech for $400 million. Now the billionaire owns 21.6% of the company and shares the 383rd place in Forbes list with Denise Coates.

7)     Chen Lip Keong – $4.1 billion

At the 437th line of the Forbes rating is the owner of NagaWorld company in Cambodia. Nowadays, NagaWorld is considered the largest casino resort in Indochina.

This is not a complete list of the richest people in the gambling business. However, these names have already gone down in history.