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24 weird bitcoin facts and figures

Ever since the launch of bitcoin in 2009, mysteries and speculations have shrouded this now-famous cryptocurrency. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the digital cryptocurrency is its raucous journey involving unimaginable spikes and heart-breaking downslides.

The amount of conspiracy theories, weird statements, and funny facts surrounding Bitcoin is simply unbelievable. To make you laugh to your heart’s content, we have made a list of the weirdest facts and figures related to this highly sought-after digital currency. To know more about this visit crypto engine review.

  1.  Do you foresee farming as your retirement plan? Or, maybe you want a tour of outer space? The weirdest things ever purchased by bitcoin remains a goat and an exploratory trip to outer space.
  1.  We all know that the first-ever bitcoin transaction involved pizza. Perhaps, this is why pizza is given such importance in the world of cryptocurrency. Did you know that there is a day celebrated as Bitcoin Pizza Day? Well, there is, and it is on the 22nd May.
  1.  Now, coming to the previous point, the history involving the first-ever economic transaction of Bitcoin happened on the 22nd May of the year 2010. Reportedly, a man in Florida ordered two pizzas from Papa John’s. The price was $25, and he paid 10,000 bitcoins for it. In today’s world, the transaction would be equivalent to $114 million! OMG!
  1.  There is a massive debate regarding the “decentralization” pillar of Bitcoin. Some argue against the point as four mining organizations have control over more than half of the hash rate. Puzzling, isn’t it?
  1.  For any transaction with Bitcoin, a private and public key is a must. You can be secure from theft at least because to steal your currency, the hacker has to guess your private key, which has more than 4 billion combinations.
  1.  Perhaps, Bitcoin is the only form of money that falls under property as well as currency, as per IRS and other government jurisdictions.
  1.  Did you know that the United States has so many Bitcoin ATMs that it can even exceed the total count in all the countries across the globe? Must be really popular there, huh?
  1.  You may not have enough money to purchase Bitcoins. But, you don’t need to feel disappointed. You can buy Satoshi. It is the one hundred millionth part of a Bitcoin!
  1.  In the era of the Gold Rush in California between the years 1848 to 1855, the rumor is that more than mining the gold, people made huge amounts from selling shovels. Now, in today’s world, the shovel equates to a graphics card.
  1.  Apart from the debate of Bitcoin being decentralized, one thing’s for sure! It is truly developed on the distributed system.
  1.   You may know Bitcoin as the first-ever cryptocurrency. Well, that is not exactly true. The first position goes to Digicash, which has its inception in 1989.
  1.   The total number of Bitcoins to be in existence is not indefinite. Nope! There will only be 21 million Bitcoins.
  1.   It is estimated that the mining of all the 21 million Bitcoin will continue till at least 2140.
  1.   Did you know that there are roughly 23,000 addresses that house more than 1 million dollars equivalent in Bitcoins? Wow, right?
  1.   It is sad, but only 20% of the Bitcoins remain to be mined!
  1.   Have you ever heard of a Bitcoin obituary generator? Nowadays, you can generate your personalized Bitcoin obituary with ease.
  1.   Making profits over Bitcoin is nothing new. It is predicted that 20,000-200,000 people have profited more than a million USD in this cryptocurrency.
  1.   Are you aware of the sinking feeling that you get when you realize you have lost a great deal of money? That is exactly what James Howell felt when he mistakenly discarded a hard drive, which had the private keys of 7500 Bitcoins. Today, it would have been worth about $50 million!
  1.   Due to negligence, people have lost about 23% of the Bitcoins. That equates to more than $252 billion!
  1.   As per conspiracy theorists, four giants are involved in the creation of Bitcoin – Samsung, Toshiba, Nakamichi, and Motorola (Satoshi Nakamoto)
  1.   Some conspiracy enthusiasts are of the opinion that the CIA developed Bitcoin. Why? Due to the meaning of its translations. Apparently, Satoshi means wise or quick-witted, Naka means relationship or inside, and moto indicates foundation or basis. Is it far-fetched?
  1.   Another one for the conspiracy believers! Nakamoto is believed to be an alteration of NATO amok, where NATO means the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and amok indicates an uncontrollable behavior.
  2.   Creator of the Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, has around a million Bitcoins. While no one knows what will happen with them, it is said that these Bitcoins will never be used for transactions.
  1.   When you think about the origins of the cryptocurrency, the name that instantly strikes is “Satoshi Nakamoto”. Till now, no one has any idea who this person or group is. Isn’t that the weirdest thing ever?

These are some of the facts and figures that are bound to amuse you. Even after a decade later, Bitcoin remains as mysterious as ever.

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