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3 Most Important Steps to Take After a Car Accident in San Francisco

ByDave Stopher

Jul 28, 2021 #Motoring

Studies indicate that over 6 million road accidents occur each year in the US involving different vehicles. About 4 million people get serious injuries in these crashes and require urgent medical attention.

When involved in a car accident in San Francisco, you may need to seek compensation for the damages. Hence, it’s essential to follow specific procedures to ensure proper documentation of each detail about the crash.

Here, we discuss three crucial steps that you should take after a car accident. We will also explain some of the measures you should observe to ensure you get compensation if the other party is liable for the damages.

Call 911

After a car accident, the first thing you should do is contact 911 so you can get police and medical personnel at the scene. If you can, move the vehicle from the road and turn the hazard light on to notify other drivers. Once the police arrive, file a report by explaining how the accident occurred.

However, avoid taking the fault or blaming the other driver as it could affect your insurance claim. After the police interview you, request a copy of the report and get emergency medical care even if you do not have any visible injuries.

This will help you identify internal bleeding issues and treat them to avoid adverse effects in the future.

Gather Important Details

When filing an insurance claim for damages caused by a car accident, you need to provide some information. So, exchange vehicle registration details, addresses, insurance info, and phone numbers with other drivers involved in the collision.

Apart from that, take pictures of the damage to your car and any physical injuries sustained. If you had passengers in the car, get images of their wounds to support your insurance claim.

Other important details to gather after an accident are:

  • The name of the street or road
  • Images of the entire accident scene
  • The contact information of witnesses

Once you go to the hospital for medical care, ensure that you get a doctor’s report and receipts for the expenses. This information can help you recover your money and get compensation for injuries with long-term effects.

Contact a San Francisco Attorney

Dealing with insurers after an accident can be frustrating since the process is complex. You may also find it challenging, especially if you are still in the hospital. After suffering personal injury in San Francisco, start looking for a lawyer to handle all legal processes.

You can ask for references from your family and friends involved in a Bay Area car accident before. Besides, consider checking out various experienced personal injury attorneys on this page.

Once you get a lawyer in San Francisco, schedule a consultation to explain the nature of the services you need. During the meeting, provide the attorney with all the information you gathered at the accident’s scene. You should also submit copies of medical reports and car repair receipts for evidence.

Stay Safe After a Car Accident in San Francisco

When involved in a car collision, you may be in shock, feel confused, and not know what to do next. But, learning more about insurance claims and legal processes can keep you calm.

It will also help you determine how to protect your rights after a car accident in San Francisco. If you would like to read more informative legal articles, browse this page.

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