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3 Ways We Think the World is Progressing Via Crypto


Cryptocurrency has been an existing phenomenon in the world for more than a decade now. During 2009, a mysterious individual or a group of developers created Bitcoin, surprising the world by this creation, given the concept of a virtual currency was relatively harder to grasp for the majority. Although in its early stages, Bitcoin, the only digital currency at the time, was met with perhaps hesitation and distrust. But with the passage of time, as people began to purchase or trade it, and the trust began to develop in crypto, its popularity followed a similar trajectory.

Now with every passing day, more and more people are entering this market, investing great chunks of their wealth in crypto, hoping to swell their wealth just like many others before them.

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We know that even after a decade, people are unaware of crypto, how it works and how people can earn money by purchasing them. For this purpose, we have conducted a thorough research on this matter, and have come up with a short list of some of the most significant ways we believe crypto will innovate the world of finance all around the world.

Let’s move onto the ways we think crypto is benefitting the world. The ones we have pointed out are as follows:

1. Digital Currencies also lessen the threat of fraud.

One of the most common risks associated with any form of monetary transaction or dealing is ‘Fraud’ or scam. Fraud can happen with anyone anywhere at any time, be it during transferring a monetary amount or as basic as using a card, debit or credit on a suspicious website. Fraud has always been, and continues to be one of the most common and major concerns for everyone. For the people who have already fell victim to fraud or scams in the past, they would surely second this concern, given they have already lost something.

This is due to the fact that crypto is not linked to the user’s bank account or cash funds, and the amount is wired virtually upon secured protocols through the blockchain, recording each and every transaction. Due to the aforementioned point, digital currencies offer the users a great deal of satisfaction, in terms of the security and prevention from frauds and reducing the risk of fraudulent and scam attacks.

2 Crypto provides a steady substitute to fluctuating currencies

In recent years the world has experienced several events which have had devastating impacts on the global economy. The most significant of these events have been the Covid-19 global pandemic, which has spread almost throughout the world, affecting both the individual economies of the countries as well as the international trade. The ripples of these events have been felt by economies throughout the world, in the shape of inflation, fluctuation in foreign exchange and the values of currencies. While some of the countries faced slight volatility in their currencies, others experienced a significant amount of currency devaluation, impacting millions. This is where digital currencies swoop in and play a major role in controlling the effects. Although some countries have stable currencies even in these situations, others can seriously benefit from crypto.

Digital Currencies are accepted all around the world as a payment method, used to buy goods and services as well as trading crypto on exchanges. These crypto are not subject to regulatory intervention (they are decentralized) and are not taxed by the governments as well. Thereafter, crypto offers people residing in countries with weaker fiat currency and high inflation and taxation rates with a gateway to more stability and economic relief. These people are offered stability in terms of their economic activities.


3 Crypto makes sure people are still accountable for their actions

Despite the numerous advantages and benefits of using digital currencies for good purposes, there are organizations and people all around the world who are utilizing the crypto for corrupt and illegal activities (funding these corrupt and illegal activities. Not just this, even the whole industries which are involved in malpractice and corrupt activities have been using crypto to facilitate their illegal transactions. Hence, one of the main concerns of a normal consumer, a legal citizen who pays all his taxes and does not indulge in any illegal activities, is to purchase from companies and organizations who follow the same ethics themselves and do not indulge in or are a part of any corruption. Therefore, integrity and practice according to the laws of the country are one of the main concerns of the consumers for the company they are buying from. It should be known that what these companies or individuals just say or state about themselves on forums is not enough to guarantee whether they are actually law abiding corporations, and therefore this is where crypto ensures people that everyone is held accountable for their transactions, given they are corrupt or illegal.


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