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4 Most Used Financial Apps of 2020

Keeping track of your personal finances can get a little tricky sometimes. Thankfully in this era we live in, there are plenty of mobile phone apps that can help you manage your money, lower your expenses, and reduce some of your financial anxiety. Apps that make it possible to transfer money with ease, track your spending, monitor your credit score, and even accept mobile credit card payments.


Budget your money and track your expenses with the Mint mobile app. It automatically extracts data from your bank accounts to provide a complete view of your current financial status. The in-depth look at your finances includes your assets, debts, and spending. You can also link an investment account to the Mint mobile app for a more comprehensive budgetary outlook. Have you checked your credit score lately? The app allows users to monitor their credit and receive tips on how to improve it.

Western Union

Western Union’s mobile app makes transferring money quick and easy. Anyone can use the transfer money app to send funds around the world, from the United States 24/7. Users can also track their transfers or choose to pick up their cash in person at one of the many worldwide locations. If you need to pay bills internationally or check exchange rates, the Western Union app can also assist you with that. Their rewards system offers discounts for those that decide to take advantage of the mobile app.


Small business owners can appreciate this finance app. With Square, you can attach a free credit card reader to your cell phone and start accepting debit and credit card payments. It’s an affordable way for businesses of all sizes to process payments for all of their store orders. Whether your products or services are sold online or offline, you will conveniently be able to accept payments in person. The online payments company also owns and operates the Square Cash app that allows you to transfer money to your family and friends quickly and at no cost. If you operate an ecommerce business, Square can process debit and credit card payments for your website too.


Digital currency, or cryptocurrency as it is often called, isn’t going away; it’s only getting more popular. You might as well get an understanding of it and start managing it soon with a mobile app like Coinbase. Coinbase enables its users to buy and safely store cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin. Users can also make purchases at over 36,000 merchants using their digital money. Accepted merchants include Expedia, Dell, and, as well as many other well-known retailers and restaurants. Many financial analysts have added digital currency to their investment portfolios and economic forecasts of the future because they are expecting it to become an essential asset with a significant societal impact.


Financial resources can help you get organized, control your spending, buy digital currency, and transfer money abroad with ease. With the convenience of mobile phones, you can download finance apps and have access to those resources 24/7.

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