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4 Reasons Why Aluminum Bottled Water is Better than Plastic Bottles

Many brands are avoiding single-use plastic as sustainability options become more popular. Here are the advantages of aluminum water bottles, as well as the reasons why aluminum water bottles are superior to plastic competitors. Simply go to the Crystal Beverage website to learn more details about aluminum bottled water.

However, in this article, let’s learn the common reasons why people nowadays prefer to have aluminum bottled water rather than plastic bottled water:

1. Aluminum Bottles are Eco-Friendly

While all plastic can be recycled, the cost of collecting, sorting, and melting it down is prohibitively expensive. Because plastic degrades with each reuse, it can only be reused once or twice. Making new plastic, on the other hand, is inexpensive and extremely profitable. According to experts, only about 7% of plastic placed in the recycling bin is recycled, 16% is burned, and 77% ends up in landfills. Plastic’s chemical bonds are not easily broken. Plastic decomposition typically takes 600 to 700 years.

Experts discovered that every piece of plastic ever sent to a landfill or dumped in the environment still exists. Aluminum, on the other hand, is infinitely recyclable throughout the ages. Because the metal’s quality does not deteriorate over time, it can be repurposed as cans, appliances, rebar, car parts, or bike parts. In some cases, choosing aluminum over plastic can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It just takes a thorough wash, and you can use it again and again. Aluminum bottles, moreover, are perfectly sustainable when reused, requiring only 5% of the resources and energy required to mine new aluminum. While most recycling centers accept aluminum bottles, not all accept paper straws, cups, or takeout canisters. When aluminum degrades, it does not release harmful chemicals into the environment.

2. Has Health Benefits

Drinking water through plastic bottled water unknowingly exposes humans to microplastics. Intake of microplastics through the usage of plastic bottled water has been linked to a variety of health issues, including cancer, heart disease, and stroke. When left in the heat, plastic water bottles have indeed been known to leach chemicals into the water. The type of chemicals used is determined by the type of plastic water bottle used. Bisphenol A, also known as BPA, is used in some reusable plastic water bottles. BPA is a chemical that is found in polycarbonate materials and epoxy resins. On the other hand, chemicals are not leached by aluminum. Aluminum actually keeps beverages colder for longer, so your water will remain soothing and tasty regardless of the temperature.

3. More Durable than The Plastic Water Bottle

Unlike plastic, aluminum is extremely durable. The strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum is extremely high. It is pliable and corrosion-resistant. When these properties are combined, aluminum water bottles are durable and ideal for an on-the-go lifestyle. Put it in your tote bag or bring it with you on your hike. You will be happily surprised to see how well it holds up to your day-to-day tasks. With an aluminum water bottle and a secure cap, you won’t have to worry about your bottle splattering in your pack or breaking if it falls.

Aluminum bottles have another advantage over other materials in that they do not rust and are thus more dependable. Furthermore, cleaning and maintaining aluminum bottles is much easier than having to clean and maintain bottles made of other materials. Aluminum bottles have largely replaced other materials and have proven to be the most practical. Purchase the finest quality aluminum bottles in your area at the most competitive prices from the leading manufacturers.

4. Able to Hold Both Hot and Cold Water

One of the best advantages of using an aluminum water bottle is that it’s able to serve both hot and cold drinks! In contrast to plastic bottles, aluminum can be heated before serving, giving the material the unique ability to serve warm water rather than cold water. This helps make the packaging ideal for days when the season is too cold or when you recommend warm water to cold water.

Aluminum bottles, like any other plastic bottle, can serve cold drinks but keep them colder for longer because the aluminum material generates an insulation wall for the liquid inside. As a result, the water remains colder for longer than in a plastic bottle, allowing users to enjoy their ice-cold beverage for longer!