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4 Simple Tips on How to Plan Your Wedding Party in Manchester, UK

Planning a wedding can be both exciting and exhilarating. Exciting because you are creating a memorable event for you and your spouse, which will always be a part of your love story. Exhilarating because there are so many moving parts – anything can go wrong and you don’t know what to expect. You don’t want to be the person who ruins the wedding party for everyone because of poor planning.

With proper planning, you can have successful events over and over again. The key is to spend a little more time in the planning phase than the execution phase. Know how many guests will be attending, pick an appropriate venue, decide what the programmes will be, hire the essential professionals (caterers, photographers, etc.), and try to anticipate anything that could go wrong by having redundancies.

If you have no experience in wedding planning, it is recommended that you hire a professional event planner. This will relieve the stress that comes with event planning, which can ruin your wedding day. Some venues on VenueFinder have an in-house event planner or offer recommendations on event planners they have worked with in the past. Take advantage of those.

Pick a Date

As simple as this sounds, picking a date can be quite a difficult thing to do. Many people get engrossed on this detail. Pick a date that is most convenient for you and your primary guests. Although you cannot please every guest on the guest list, the determining factor could be the availability of the venue since there are numerous weddings in Manchester every weekend. You can search online for venue hire Manchester as per your needs. Whatever it is, pick one and stick to it early on.

Make a Guest List

Have a list size in mind before making your list. This will help you stay on budget. The guest list size will determine if you are having a big wedding or a small one, which, in turn, will determine the venue size and how much food you need. This is crucial to your budgeting.

Pick a Venue

The venue is one of the biggest investments when it comes to wedding planning. The average wedding in the UK costs about £25,000. But regardless of your budget, VenueFinder can help you get whatever you want. Manchester has small, medium, and big wedding halls that range from hotel halls to city parks and gardens.

Hire the Essentials (DJ, MC, Photographers, Waiters, etc.)

Depending on the venue you decide on, you may be lucky enough to get in-house professionals that can cater to your needs. Some wedding halls come with caterers and a photographer as a package that costs less than hiring them individually. Look for a good deal and check out their references and reviews.

Once you have decided on the date, guest list, and venue, you may share the information with the guests. This is usually in the form of an invitation card. Be sure to include information on how to get to the venue for those who are not familiar with Manchester. Sometimes no matter how much planning is done, some things will not go according to plan. Don’t let anything ruin your wedding no matter how bad it may seem. Have funue

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