Cold press juicers are also known as masticating juicers, and they work more efficiently than the regular basic juicers. Nowadays, people are ditching basic juicers and switching to these cold-pressed juicers. They come in different designs and are more reliable in producing the output because they come with zero blades. Along with it, the best cold press juicer does not release a lot of heat as the regular juicers. However, before putting the fruits into the juicer, you must cut and chop the entire product in as tiny as possible pieces so that the yield will be more fruitful.

Cold press juicers more advantageous because:

  1. Dry pulp: While squeezing, the flesh of the fruits or vegetables get completely dry because cold press juicers have the capability to pressure the input heavily, leaving the pulp drier with nothing important left inside it. It makes the whole pressing process so smooth and slow. Hence there is no chance for a remaining juicy pulp.

  2. No foam: In regular juicers, the heat-producing inside the juicer and oxygen in the fruits or vegetables mixes during the squeezing process due to the centrifugal force of blades at the center. Hence, it creates foam by breaking down essential nutrients. It is not suitable for health to drink foamy juice. However, cold press juicers do not make it frothy and will make a healthier drink for you instead.

  3. High yield: Due to its no blade structure, and more pressure qualities, a cold press juicer is preferred by all. It produces the output of more than 50% of regular juicers and yields a healthy and high drink releasing all the vitamins and useful components from the fruit in liquid form. Although the working process of cold press juicers is slower than the regular juicers due to the absence of blade, it is still better than any of the juicer types available in the market.

  4. Quieter: No noise disturbance while pressing is the specialty of these cold press juices because they have no blade fixed inside them, and hence, there is no sound of squeezing happening inside it. It makes the usage more peaceful and makes people inclined towards buying these over the regular ones.

  5. No heat: These cold press juicers that are launched recently come with a no heat formula, and this feature keeps the fruits or vegetables fresher and keeps its necessary nutrients alive. Its preserving nature of the essential nutrients makes it a worth buy. All the vitamins, enzymes are not lost during the process, providing you a healthy juice.

Conclusion: The buyer must consider the price and quality of the cold press juicer he plans to purchase. He should go through online and offline platforms before buying a cold press juicer as he may find it at reasonable prices. Many juicers come with a warranty card, and it is beneficial to save that card for your buying record so that you can claim the uncertainties related to the cold press juicer.