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5 career options for creatives

ByDave Stopher

Sep 11, 2020 #property

If you’re a creative person, it can be difficult to know what career path to take. While some creative people enjoy routine and stability, others prefer a working day with some variety. Most would agree that they like to think outside the box and not be micromanaged.

While some creatives know what they’re passionate about, others struggle to put their creativity into practice. Here are 5 career options that creatives will be able to dig their teeth into.


The world of marketing is popular among creatives (check out these best digital marketing ideas). While it’s a huge industry with a large range of roles, most involve being creative and encourage different ways of thinking. You could go into copywriting, photography or editing – or find a position that merges these into one. You’ll be encouraged to celebrate your creativity and think outside the box. Plus, you’ll meet likeminded people and work collaboratively on projects to create the best result.


The film industry isn’t easy to get into. But it’s certainly creative. With plenty of roles to choose from, you could go into directing, writing, editing or producing. You might want to work in development or become a camera operator or script supervisor. Most roles in film require a lot of hard work and you’ll need to graft your way to the top. However, creative thinking is certainly rewarded and you’ll find that each day varies greatly. It’s a great option for those who cringe at the thought of sitting in an office all day.


What’s more creative than fashion? From designing outfits, writing feature pieces and planning runways, working in fashion is another great way to flex those creative muscles. Like the film industry, it can be difficult to get started. You’ll probably need to pick up an internship or start in a PA role. However, once you get going you’ll find that there are plenty of areas to explore. It’s no wonder the fashion industry is talked about so often.


If you like to be creative in the kitchen, why not consider a career as a chef? Working in the food industry can be hugely creative. You’ll start working on other people’s dishes, but once you become established you can create your own menus and find ways to tantalise taste buds. Chefs are viewed as some of the most creative people in the world; constantly finding new flavour and texture combinations that dazzle us. Everyone loves to eat, so a career in food could make you immensely popular.

Interior design

The world of interior design has no limits. It’s immensely creative, as you could be designing homes, offices, restaurants, museums, hotels and many more. If you have an eye for colour, style and space this could be the career for you. Not sure how to get into interior design? There are plenty of courses available. Alternatively, you could start blogging and picking up projects for friends. Once you’ve built a portfolio that shows off your skills, you’ll be able to pick up clients.

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