Despite affecting tens of millions of adults and children worldwide, most asthma sufferers share the same misconceptions about the condition. So to help clear up a few of the most prominent examples, what follows is a brief overview of five common asthma misconceptions and the respective truths behind them:

  1. Asthma is primarily psychological

In reality, asthma is a physical disease of the airways that has nothing to do with psychology. While it’s true to say that stress, panic and anxiety can bring on asthma attacks, the condition itself causes the physical contraction of the airways, resulting in moderate to severe breathing difficulties. Every asthma sufferer has their own individual triggers, though the resulting effects of an asthma attack are largely the same. In the most severe of instances, asthma attacks can be fatal.

  1. Asthma symptoms can be eased with dietary supplements

On one hand, it’s true to say that a healthy and balanced diet with plenty of key vitamins and minerals can contribute to better control of asthma. The reason being that the healthier the respective individual is, the less likely they are to succumb to the condition. However, there is absolutely no scientific evidence whatsoever to suggest that any specific dietary supplements can have a beneficial effect on the symptoms of asthma.

3.Over time, asthma medications become less effective

The human body gradually develops a tolerance to many prescription drugs and medications. In the case of asthma medications however, drugs like Ventolin remain comprehensively effective for an entire lifetime, just as long as they are used appropriately. For more information on Ventolin, we recommend health express:

It’s only when asthma medications are overused or misused that they have the potential to gradually become less effective. Should this occur, there are various alternative medications and treatment options available, which should be discussed with a professional.


  1. If you have asthma, you should avoid physical activity

Quite the contrary, as asthma sufferers benefit enormously from living a healthier lifestyle with plenty of regular exercise. The idea being that in order to gain better control over the symptoms of asthma, it’s imperative to build and maintain healthy lungs and a healthy body in general. To avoid physical activity is to run the risk of becoming unfit and overweight, which can have a highly detrimental impact on the severity of the respective case of asthma.

  1. Given time, most people outgrow asthma

Last but not least, one of the most common misconceptions of all is that which suggests most people will eventually grow out of their asthma. While it’s perfectly possible for the symptoms of asthma to improve with age, asthma is a condition for life that does not disappear following diagnosis. Even when the respective individual has not been affected by the symptoms of asthma for many years, they may still be more prone to inflammation and constriction of the airways than others. It’s therefore never a good idea to turn a blind eye to asthma, irrespective of how long it has been since you last suffered an asthma attack.