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5 Expertise Levels For Your Software Development Team

ByDave Stopher

Oct 4, 2021 #technology

There are some key expertise levels required for your software development team. A development team should be made up of individuals with a strong work ethic and a knowledge of developing software. Create and manage a cross-functional team as all members have the required skills to create a production-ready program. This will reduce dependencies while increasing control and visibility. As a corporate manager, you want a software development team that can work together and thrive when creating a successful application. Read on to learn about the essential expertise levels for your software development team.

Trainee Developer

The lowest expertise level of a software development team is a trainee developer. Typically, the trainee is new to the tech industry. They are looking for opportunities to learn more about software development. You can hire a trainee by offering a traineeship, in-business learning program, or other recent graduate pathways. This gives them working experience in an industry environment. To have a successful team, you want to hire levels of all expertise, as trainee developers learn and work hard to move up in the industry. Of course, find a passionate and industrious trainee to build a successful development team.

Junior Developer

The next development team expertise level is junior developer. Generally, trainees and junior developers are interchangeable, learning more than practicing. However, junior developers have more expertise and are held to higher expectations. They should be expert in a specific domain or know different languages, technologies and ideas. By having junior developers, your team has increased vigor, motivation and energy. This is because the junior developer is ready to start practicing software development and working on projects. Of course, have junior developers on your team for assistance with simple procedures and to help your team members gain advanced skills.

Mid-Level Developer

Mid-level developers are the next expertise level in your team. These members have at least 2 years of experience in the industry either as an entry-level or junior level professional. At this stage, members can work alone as they have expertise in coding, development and application monitoring. They have just been introduced to processes including DevOps, frameworks and languages. In addition, they have a stronger understanding of tools such as JFrog container registry, Docker and Kubernetes. For example, they can implement a container registry to support helm chart repositories and docker containers for Kubernetes deployment. More so, they are in the process of perfecting how to apply these tools to the development process. Of course, you need mid-level developers on your team to start the basic development process while educating other members on the team.

Senior Developer

One of the top expertise levels for a development team is a senior developer. These members have deep and specialized software development knowledge. Seniors have expert skills with multiple technologies, allowing them to recognize and write proper codes in any programming language. In fact, their knowledge allows them to write custom macros to optimize team workflow and build their own framework. Of course, the senior developer is in charge of multifaceted responsibilities including creating solutions to complex problems, managing the team and coordinating workflow to produce company value. You definitely need senior developers to assist your team and provide knowledge.  

Lead Developer

Finally, the top-level of expertise in a development team is the lead developer. The lead developer has expertise on all aspects of the development process, the programming process and the deployment process. A lead developer is a senior developer with extra non-technical skills. They mentor, provide design expertise and work on the early stages of software development. In fact, they aid in product timelines, provide feedback to marketing teams. Additionally, they assist the CEO and Chief AI Officer to ensure the development team workflow aligns with the company’s vision. Leaders have advanced communication skills, an increased understanding of the software and the specific field the software is meant for. Certainly, you need a lead developer to communicate with the sales team and to deploy your software.

These are the main expertise levels required for your development team. Certainly, you want trainee developers on your team to help teach and build strong software developers. Of course, you will have junior developers on your team who will work hard to earn increased project opportunities. Additionally, with mid-level developers, you have more members with increased expertise in coding and developing while having built in teachers for the lower levels. Furthermore, you need senior developers to assist the team and to develop a successful software. Finally, you need a lead developer to communicate between the team and business as well as working with the marketing team.

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