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5 Reasons You Should Consider Learning a Language

Learning a language is universally acknowledged as a great skill, and is seen as a useful asset for anybody to have in terms of the opportunities it can create. If you have always wanted to master another language, but have been unsure whether it is right for you, read the following five reasons why you should consider learning a language this year.

  1. Greater Career Opportunities

Fluently learning a foreign language could provide you with greater career opportunities. As more companies are doing business in countries across the world, many are looking to hire globally-minded employees who can speak a minimum of one foreign language to grow their brand, improve their business relations and increase their annual revenue.

Even when applying to a small, local company, a fluency in a second or third language could help you to stand apart from many applicants and potentially secure your dream role.

  1. Boost Your Brain Power

A recent study has found that speaking a second language can boost a person’s attention span, memory, and mental flexibility. It also found that learning another language can:

  • Delay the risk of dementia by five years
  • Increase a person’s confidence
  • Lead to higher mental function
  • Improve a person’s social life

So, if you want to improve your focus and support your cognitive development, consider learning a language, which can be done through easy to find courses. For those wanting to learn Mandarin, for example, a leading language in international business, courses provided by top-tier teachers and specialists can be found at chineseschoollondon.com. By learning in the best possible environment, you can maximise your chances in terms of your future profession and job prospects.

  1. Learn About a Culture

Learning a foreign language will not only provide you with a new skillset to support your career advancement and cognitive function, but it might also provide an insight into a country and culture.

There is often much history and charm behind a nation’s mother tongue, which will help you to learn more about a country’s history and people. You will then feel part of the community once you land at a destination and converse with locals in their language.

  1. Enjoy Mediums in Their Original Language

Have you always wanted to fully immerse yourself in a Bollywood film, Swah Rap, manga, or telenovelas? Rather than relying on poorly-translated subtitles or annoying English dubs, master a new language to embrace the charm of the original material. It will ensure the nuances of the film, TV show or music will not be lost, and you could also use the materials as a study aid to improve your fluency.

  1. Improve Your Self-Confidence

Do you believe you don’t have the intelligence or the attention span to learn a new language? Prove yourself wrong by taking the steps to learn one. Start out with the basics and work your way up until you are forming full sentences, which will allow you to communicate with confidence with others in a foreign language.

Learning a new language will prove you can do anything you set your mind to. So, seek opportunities and start learning. You never know, you could be holding your first conversation in a different language a week from now.

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