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5 Signs That You Need To Take Your Car To An Autoshop

ByDave Stopher

Sep 11, 2020 #Motoring

Akin to our bodies, cars need regular maintenance and service to keep running optimally. Cars suffer mechanical and electrical tear and wear during their operation. Acting promptly to your car needs will save you a lot of hassle and frustrations on the road. Look no further than these five symptoms that your car needs some service.

  1. Peculiar Noises

Besides music, any noise from your car is a red flag. Do you hear some whining sound in the bonnet when you turn on the ignition? It is highly likely that your timing belt is loose or worn out. Lose timing belts are lethal to the engine and can even cause the battery to stall.

A squealing sound when you press the brakes indicates worn-out brake pads. A squealing sound around the wheels alerts the need for a wheel realignment or a check on the differential axle. Some lubrication could be vital.

Crunching gears while shifting is a sign of low transmission fluid, wear of the gear teeth. Visit an auto shop for a top-up of the gear fluid. Your exhaust could also be unusually louder. It could have a crack or fissure on the port. Visit an auto shop for a repair or replacement depending on the damage magnitude.

Bumpy engines noise while idling is likely that you pronto need some repair. The spark plugs could also be worn out.

  1. Smoke in The Hood

A smoky bonnet is a culprit that you need to visit an auto shop urgently. Your car should not have any smoke under the hood. Steam or smoke under the bonnet is a sign of overheating. Your radiator is thus not performing optimally.

Steam has a white shade. Check your temperature gauge in case you detect any smoke. If the gauge needle is past half, your car is overheating. Stopover and wait for it to cool. Proceed and open the bonnet and top up some water or coolant in the radiator. Visit your mechanic for advanced diagnosis.

If you notice blue smoke, visit your auto shop ASAP. Blue smoke is a characteristic of burning oil. For the oil to burn, it must be leaking. Worn out piston rings, gasket failure, worn-out valve seals, and manifold gas leak often cause an oil leak.

  1. Vibrations When Braking

Your car should be stable and break smoothly at all times. In case you experience some pulling or vibration while braking, the brake discs, pads, and lining are worn out. Your suspension could also need a replacement or gas top-up.

Visit an auto shop for a top-up of the brake fluid and replace the brake pads, discs or lining. Your power steering fluid could also need a refreshment.

Worn out tires could be another defect causing vibrations while braking. Check out whether your tires are wearing evenly. They should also have the standard tread width; 1.6mm.

  1. Flashing the Check Engine Light

Something is amiss when your check engine light flashes red or yellow continuously. The check engine light should appear briefly during ignition and then disappear. Visit a repair center promptly if you see this light continually flashing.

Your engine could be leaking oil or experiencing worn-out pistons. The service date could also be fast approaching.

  1. Declined Riding Comfort

Your car is bumpy and uncomfortable on the road. The stability is declining as you wind up corners. Have your wheel rotors and tie rods checked. Your rack ends and drives boots might be requiring fresh lubrication as well.

While driving on the highway, your car is sluggish and requires a lot of gas to overtake. You urgently need a comprehensive mileage service. Check on the oils, oil filter as well as grease.

Your car also requires some wheel balancing if you feel bumpy on smooth terrain. The wheel could be wearing out unevenly or lost the balance weights.

The above are five sure signs that you need to take your car to an auto shop. Service your vehicle on timely schedules and be keen on any warning lights on the dashboard as well as unusual noises while driving. Visit us for all your VW repairs in Brisbane. Let your problem be our problem!


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