Whether you’re new to the lottery, a regular lottery player, or just purchasing a lottery ticket on a whim, there are a few things you can do to ensure you have the best experience possible! Here are a few of our best tips and tricks to remember when you buy a lottery ticket!

Always Keep Your Ticket in a Safe Place

Remember, when you buy a lottery ticket, you need to hold on to the physical ticket in order to be a winner if you have the opportunity to claim a prize! Don’t lose your ticket or take any chances with it. Store your ticket somewhere safe until the lottery drawing. Many players will choose to tuck their tickets into a compartment of their wallet, or keep them in a designated, secure spot at home. Don’t forget to check your pockets before doing the laundry – you don’t want your ticket to be destroyed in the wash!

Always Check Your Ticket Numbers

It’s possible to be a winner and not realize it! The lottery doesn’t notify winners, so it’s up to you to check your tickets each time you play. Lottery prizes can and do go unclaimed regularly, and in many cases it can be as simple as the ticket holder remaining unaware that they are holding the winning numbers. When you buy a lottery ticket, set a reminder for yourself to check your numbers following the prize drawing! Add a little note onto your calendar or put a notification into your phone to help you remember. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to claim your ticket by forgetting this easy step!


Try Joining a Lottery Pool

You can increase the number of chances you have to win by buying additional lottery tickets, and one fun, frugal way to do so is by playing with others! You can form or join a group lottery syndicate at your office, with friends, or family members. Be sure that everyone involved understands the procedures for playing with a group, and have clear guidelines for how any potential prize money would be divided among the individuals involved.

Buy Lottery Tickets Only from Reputable Sources

Unfortunately, not everyone claiming to sell lottery tickets has the best intentions at heart, and even experienced lottery players can be targeted for ticket scams. When you’re ready to buy a lottery ticket, only purchase from authorized lottery retailers. This includes purchasing tickets online – take extra precautions and make sure you recognize the site you’re buying from as an authorized retailer. A few red flags to watch for: Selling tickets across national borders is illegal, and a legitimate seller will never require you to pay more than the ticket price or provide money up-front in order to receive a prize.

Always Play Responsibly

Always keep in mind that the lottery is a game of chance for recreational purposes, and should not be played as a way to solve financial issues for yourself or others. Don’t buy lottery tickets if it will cause you or your family financial, social, or emotional harm. Buying a lottery ticket doesn’t guarantee that you’ll receive a prize. Have fun and gamble responsibly!