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5 Things to Look for in a Good Auto Lift

ByDave Stopher

Aug 16, 2019 #Cars

Whether you’re an auto enthusiast or a mechanic who’s opening up his/her own auto-shop, getting yourself a good deal on vehicle lifts is extremely vital. This is considered to be one of the most important things to have in order to get an in-depth look inside a car. Take a look below at 5 things you should know when buying a new lift:

Other Purposes For It

These lifts don’t just cover the traditional uses; there are different variations of it that can be used in simpler or personal reasons. According to auto specialists, Hoist Now explains the options you could have when you purchase this type of machinery. It’s becoming a more popular choice among dedicated enthusiasts or grease-monkeys who prefer to maintain their own vehicles, as well as families who are having parking space problems. A lift can eliminate that by giving more space for more cars that way. High-quality car lifts provide efficiency, speed, safety, and convenience to many home users too, and at a very affordable price.

Things To Do First 

You should do your research before shopping around for a new auto lift of any kind. Also get a basic understanding of where it’s going to be installed. Get accurate measurements of your bay or garage and include the ceiling height. You need to know much room you have to work with when it arrives.

1. The Price Plays a Major Role

It’s good if you compare different ones that have the same capabilities and then pick the one with the best price for you. Make sure that the value you are getting out of your car lift matches how much you are going to pay too. It doesn’t hurt to shop around for a decent deal, as long as you stick to your plan and the list of essentials that you are unwilling to compromise on. You need to understand that the best car lifts out there will rarely be the most expensive or the cheapest either; it will always have the right balance where its cost meets its benefit. And that’s the important thing; you get what you pay for and everyone goes home happy.

2. Make Sure It Has The Features You Want

It will take some time and effort to find the perfect one for your needs. Not only do you have to determine the heaviest thing you’re likely going to need to lift, but also how close the car would run to the ground, the physical dimensions of the largest and the smallest vehicle you’re thinking of lifting, and if you’re going to want to easily move your car lift around on casters or not. The best thing to do is go to a manufacturer who not only has the features you want, but also offers a lot of optional equipment in the event your needs change in the future. Be sure that the company offers extra tall, extra wide, short, narrow, asymmetrical and clear-floor model versions to better fit your personal needs. If the lift has the ability to adapt to the new and unexpected things, then you will be happy with it for many years.

3. Check If It Has A Decent Warranty 

You never know what could happen because even the best lift in the world is still just a machine, so it’s susceptible to human-error, unexpected failures, and manufacturing defects. Look for a company that offers warranties on the frame, the moving parts, and the labor at varying levels depending on their pricing structures. Warranties already come standard with purchases most of the time, and they can be extended to cover years or even the entire life of the auto lift in some cases. So it’s always a good sign if the car lift manufacturer not only stands behind their products, but are also honest about possible problems and willing to fix it. So if you find a company that offers a great warranty, then you can rest assured that you’re covered no matter what.

4. Finding a Reputable Company With Excellent Customer Support

You need to be sure how long the company you’re buying from has been in business, most of the time that is directly tied to their reputation. The longer they’ve been around, the more likely it is that they’ve taken the time to develop positive customer relationships. An established automotive lift company also has a better chance of being around in the future to replace parts, honor warranties, and provide solid customer service whenever you need. When they have 24/7 support, it means that they care about their customers and their concerns. It would also be great, in case it’s annoying to reach them, to do a test call. If you find yourself frustrated during this little test, chances are you’re looking at long frustrating times on the phone. So make your choice wisely.

5. Find A Certified Place For Auto Lifts

It is recommended that you do business with ALI / ETL certified car lift companies; if the name isn’t highly famous or reputable, then being certified would give a lot more positive outreach to people. It’s given by the Automotive Lift Institute and it’s the nationally recognized standard for all of the lift designs. If you want a safe piece machinery and the equipment that comes with it, along with peace of mind and anxiety-free moments, then your best bet is to go with an ALI / ETL approved auto lift. You need to understand that the largest and most respected car lift brands in the world are members of that Institute, and submit to ALI testing and retesting for every single product that they develop and sell. So it’s clearly a huge priority to them, and a big load off your mind if you do business with them.


Finding the perfect vehicle lift can be tricky, but all that effort is worth it when you’re getting your money’s worth and getting value with good service for years to come. Just do your research and follow all the steps needed to get that suitable one for you.