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5 Tips for Winning at Baccarat


Nov 9, 2020

Baccarat was for a long time assumed to be an exclusive game whose tables remain hidden behind the red velvet ropes and tucked away in VIP areas. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Baccarat is a game that can be enjoyed by anyone and playing at online casinos is the best way to have a better understanding of how this game works. The 5 tips provided here should also help you pick up a few more wins along the way.

  1. Avoid Betting on the Tie

If there’s ever one rule that you must always adhere to when it comes to playing baccarat in real life or baccarat online it is that Tie bets should always be ignored. The bet should be ignored since it has a massive 14.4 percent house edge, compared to the 1.24 percent and 1.06 percent house edge on player and banker bets respectively.

It does not take a mathematics genius to notice the massive disadvantage when betting on Tie, so avoid it at all costs and instead stick to the player and banker bets.

  1. Less Decks, Less Variance

In what might seem like a simple tip, playing with as few decks as possible is critical if you want to enjoy more wins when you play baccarat. In most instances, you will find baccarat games using either 6 or 8 decks, so always pick the games that use 6 decks.

If you do that, you will be playing with less cards and this will automatically reduce the variance of the game and give you a higher chance of winning.

  1. Stick to the Banker Bet, Always

Experienced baccarat players know that the banker bet is set at 50 percent, which makes it an excellent betting prospect.

Take note, however, that casinos always take a commission on this bet, which is how they make money, but it is usually 5 percent. If you find a casino asking for more than 5 percent commission, avoid playing there.

Betting on the banker side is a wise move and makes a perfect starting choice for a player of any level.

  1. Ride the Streaks

A game such as baccarat comes down to luck, but it is still possible to make plays that increase your chances. For instance, you will want some direction regarding where to bet when you start playing and this can be the best strategy for you.

Always bet on the banker unless the player side is currently on a streak and if so, ride it out.

  1. Keep Your Cool, Always

This applies to all games and should always be reinforced if you want to be a successful baccarat player.

Stick to the budget and betting strategy since this is the best way to ensure that your money lasts longer, which in turn will increase your chances of winning.

Keep you mind calm and remember the tips provided here and you are guaranteed to have a more rewarding experience when you play baccarat.

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