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5 Tips to be a Good Tenant that Everyone Needs to Know

ByDave Stopher

Jun 23, 2022 #property

While finding the right rental property is important for potential tenants, finding the right tenant is equally important for landlords. As a tenant, you can have a good landlord or a bad landlord, and we all know how much we love a good landlord. Similarly, every landlord would prefer to have a good tenant. It certainly saves the landlord the need to opt for a free property valuation every time he or she deals with difficult tenants and decides it is time to sell!

 It’s pretty simple actually; if you are a good tenant, you can build better relationships with your landlord, you can foster relationships with your neighbours and you’ll probably even be able to extend your lease without any hassle. Here are some ways to be a good tenant; a tenant that every landlord will love.

Be Honest on Your Application:

As a potential tenant, you need to be honest on your application. Be honest about how much you can afford to pay as rent, be honest about your background, your credit history, and everything else that your landlord might want to know, if you are honest on your application the chances of your application getting approved are much higher. For instance, saying you don’t have a pet when you have a family dog or saying that you will be living alone while your partner might be living with you might be small lies, but they will reflect badly in the future. If you are honest on your application, your chances of getting approved as a tenant, and getting an extended lease are much higher. 

Pay Your Rent on Time:

It goes without saying, the best tenant is one who pays his or her rent on time. To be a good tenant you must pay rent on time. Keep in mind that a landlord makes his or her money through rental income so when you are making late rental payments, your landlord suffers. If for any chance, you are unable to pay your rent on time, you should inform your landlord in advance or at least attempt to pay a certain amount of your rent within the given time period. If you pay your monthly rent on time, this will go a long way in fostering a good relationship with your landlord which will make you a strong tenant. Also, if a new landlord decides to get in touch with your previous landlord for a background check, knowing that you make timely rent payments will certainly work in your favour. 

Always Read the Lease Agreement:

It is always a good idea to read the lease agreement so that you know the terms and conditions of your lease. For instance, your lease agreement will mention the monthly rental date, the details of your rental property, the increase in rental payment after a given period and so on. The lease agreement will also state the rules of the property such as no loud music after a certain time, no pets, no guests and so on. If you actually follow the rules and regulations of the lease agreement, you will probably be able to get your security deposit back!

 Be able to Afford Your Rent:

 As a rule of thumb, your monthly rental should not account for more than 30 per cent of your monthly expenses. A good tenant knows that he or she should take a place on rent only if it is affordable. Otherwise, you will be making late payments or you will have to really tighten your pockets in order to pay your rent on time. If you are unable to afford your rent, delayed payments and late payments might cost you because of heavy interest. Also, most landlords do not like late rental payments due to which you might not be able to extend your lease. And of course, if you end up renting a property that you cannot afford on your current salary, you might suffer financially. 

 Keep it Clean:

Treat your rental property like you would your own home. Keep it clean, try not to damage anything, ensure everything is in good condition and just treat it like your home. A little bit of wear and tear is normal when you are living on a property, but you must do your best to maintain the property and ensure that everything is in order. A landlord is very unlikely to extend the lease of a tenant who does not keep the rental property in a good condition. To be a good tenant you must keep the property clean and repair anything that you might end up damaging during the period of stay.  

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