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5 Ways Businesses Can Keep Providing to Customers During Lockdown

Nobody knew what would hit the face of the earth this year. While there were positive perceptions for the year 2020, with technological aspects, people only hoped for the best. But they got the worst. The norms are worried about their jobs, while businesses are going through tough phases and difficult decisions.

In these times of uncertainty, many companies may have given up and are starting to walk towards dissolving. True, the post-pandemic world looks unclear and depressing, but you never know what opportunities can strike after the virus finds an orifice. Businesses are even finding opportunities in these times of distress. It may not be the most creative time to think of new business ventures and ideas, but you can implement simple techniques to regulate the flow of your work and keep customers intact.


Times like these call for extreme measures. For businesses, it means lowering prices to get more sales during or after the pandemic. You can use this time to sell much of your stuff and services for lower rates to the public. As the whole world is right now limited to their homes, they have no choice but to survey products on the web and can be influenced by discounts easily.

Even businesses that never gave out discounts before are now peeling off their ego for generating sales and maintaining customers. It is the most effective pandemic technique.

Lockdown Gifts

Many businesses, like food and beverages, provide gift cards to loyal customers. If you have such a company that has a gifting facility for customers, you can use it to keep them engaged during the lockdown. Provide them free of cost products with every purchase that is delivered to them. This will help you keep up sales and reduce damages to the business.

Online Chats

With many of the world’s operations shut due to lockdown, there are only a few ways left for people to communicate with the internet. Old acquaintances are meeting, and deep-rooted memories are submerging, people are feeling nostalgic.

You can take advantage of this factor of lockdown by connecting personally with your customers as well. Take to social media and ask about the circumstances of their lives. Start group chats or live broadcasts and connect with customers emotionally while reminding them about your business memories with them. Tell them how your business is going to retaliate after the pandemic ends and assure them that they don’t have anything to worry about. Show your loyal customers how you are keeping things running and helping those that are in need to develop a closer connection.


Emotionally and personally connecting with customers will help keep them engaged, but what they truly need from you are products or services. Yes, it can be hard for any firm to supply products to customers efficiently with fewer delivery options and lockdown restrictions.

A time like this calls for drastic measures. You can take matters into your own hands for the satisfaction of your customers and supply them products personally with other business partners. What you can do is hire a car rental Amsterdam service. Make sure that the car you rent is spick and span to work in and deliver as many products as possible in a day.

Virtual Services

There will be many operations of your business that you’d have to shut down entirely due to lockdown. But appreciative of the advent of the internet, there are many things you can do to supply a wee bit of your services to the best of the public consumption.

Whatever the nature of your business, you can send out some useful services through the web with the use of video tutorials and helpful tips. For instance, if you own a makeup company, you can provide helpful makeup tutorials and tips for using your products the best way. Just like this, any business could tap into the internet and show their professional skills and product influence to help the public and keep them engaged.

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