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5 Ways to Become a Professional Writer for Students

Many people believe that the profession of a writer is truly amazing: authors create their own worlds, their names are published on the covers, and if their works gain recognition, they become world-famous.

However, writing is not always as romantic, as it seems from the first glance. Just like other jobs, it requires a lot of time and effort as well as constant work on your skills and abilities. 

So, if you catch yourself wondering where to start – here’s some good news. We’ve put together five tips on how to get started in your writing career and become a professional in this creative business.

Be Ready to Work Hard

We often tend to associate recognized writers with their extraordinary talent. However, to write something worthy, you can’t rely on your natural abilities only. You also need to improve such traits as:

  • Productivity – it takes hundreds of hours of routine work to transfer the ideas floating in your head into a finished book;
  • Literacy – don’t expect an editor and proofreader to correct all your mistakes and inaccuracies;
  • Concentration – you have to spend many hours at your desk without being distracted by social media or other stuff;
  • Constant self-education – writers read a lot, looking for inspiration and their own style;
  • A broad outlook – the world around and everything that happens in it become the basis for books, so the authors observe people and events to describe them all later.

In addition, good writers are also characterized by:

  • Having a way with words and immense vocabulary;
  • Expressing their thoughts clearly and precisely;
  • Knowledge of human psychology and understanding readers at a deep level.

Keep in mind that working on a book can take up all of your time. However, even if you notice that the deadlines are approaching, there’s no need to worry. Nowadays, it’s easy to find a reliable essay service on the web. You can outsource any paper to an experienced professional and enjoy your free time.

Be Observant

When authors create new characters and describe twists of fate, they take into account life experience and things they’ve seen and heard. So, you can find new stories everywhere. Even shopping for groceries or a typical walk in the park can give you insights.

Therefore, meet new people – be more sociable and ask a lot of questions. Maybe a new acquaintance from the party has lived in an exotic country for several years and can tell amazing facts about the local culture. Or your friend’s grandmother has witnessed some historical events and can share her memories with you.

It may turn out that the woman living next door is a gifted ballerina, and the older man sitting on the bench took part in a surveillance operation. All these stories can become the basis for a future book, or a college essay. Be sure to share your insights with the specialists from the – essay writing service, they always take your requirements and thoughts into account.

Try observing people, their facial expressions and reactions. Your characters might be bright and memorable if they have real prototypes. 

When You Are in The Process

Once you have formulated your main idea, it’s better to write it down immediately while it is still fresh in your head. Do not put it off until later – your creative impulse might fade while you’re having a break for your favorite TV show or lunch.

As you work on the book, be sure to refer to the notes and drafts that you made earlier. Even a detail that is insignificant at the first glance can acquire a key meaning for a particular fragment.

If possible, think about what will be in the introduction and ending beforehand. Some authors claim that openings are easier to write than the endings. Because while writing the plot, you may change the book’s finale multiple times.

As for the finished chapters, key scenes and episodes, it’s better to re-read and edit them after a while. Some authors write several scenarios for some events, compare them and choose the best one.

Also, you might ask someone you trust to read your work with a fresh eye. There may be some errors and inaccuracies they can notice. This tip is surely applicable if you are also writing a college paper. These days, more and more students turn to the best essay company, reading  reviews, as essay pro reviews and relying on professionals for editing their essays. This allows them to receive a perfect essay sample without much effort.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/tcyW6Im5Uug 

Understand Your Reader

Hold back on the metaphors, epithets and complex structures; remember that it shouldn’t be too much. Prolonged descriptions and overly long sentences can be confusing, too. The reader evaluates the first few pages of a book and if they seem boring to them, they will not buy the book. That is why it’s essential to catch their attention from the very beginning.

Put yourself in the reader’s shoes. Ask yourself: what kind of book would I want to read to the end? First of all, the text should be easy to read. Here are some tips on how to improve its readability: 

  • Start sentences with a subject or predicate – this will simplify the perception;
  • Use strong verbs – they make the text more meaningful;
  • Try avoiding passive voice when possible; 
  • Let the text be intriguing – at the end of the paragraph, include a detail that makes the user read on.

Think Strategically

From the very first day of work on a text, think about how the book will be published and then sold. Young writers often act as publishers, literary agents, advertisers, and sellers of their own books.

Basically, there are two options for those who are just starting their careers. The first one is to publish the book at your own expense while the second one is to look for a publishing house and negotiate with it.

Of course, exploring the book market will take some time as it lives by its own rules. Therefore, the sooner you start studying this industry, the better. Forewarned is forearmed, as the saying goes.

Final Thoughts

The main book market participants are literary agents, publishing and printing houses, bookselling companies and distributors, represented by retail chains, independent stores selling books, and online shops as well.

Be sure to do research and study all the actors of the market. You should not only know the modern literary world, but also understand which structures and organizations are worth applying to.

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