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6 Brain Boosting Exercises to Start Today!

ByDave Stopher

May 18, 2021

It is quite phenomenal how we all are gifted with the same brains, but how differently each one of us makes use of it. Some use it quite wisely, while some don’t. Ever wondered why? At the end of the day, we all have the same brain, but still, our intelligence quotient, emotions, feelings, and behaviors quite differ.

Well, for starters, all of this happens because of the different ways each one of us is wired. This also includes a lot of factors, but it is mainly about the circumstances each one of us faces in our lives, the books we read, the content we consume and so much more.

Does this mean we have no control over this? No, definitely not. In fact, you can wire your brain the way it favors you and you don’t even have to do a lot. All you need to do is schedule some time throughout the day and perform these simple exercises.

  1. Practice Deep Breathing

Being conscious of your breath is one of the first things meditation teaches us. Your breath also plays a vital role in your brain development, if you are conscious of it. A few minutes of deep breathing can help you do it. Inhaling for five seconds, holding for five, and exhaling for another five does wonders.

Studies have shown that deep breathing also helps you control stress and anxiety. Once you have practiced deep breathing exercises, (there are tons available online), you must also try doing elevator breathing.

As the name suggests, elevator breathing means that imagining, or visualizing that your breath is an elevator, and it travels throughout the different parts of your body. Practice it daily.

  1. Brain-Body workout

Working out is not just about your muscles, but also about your brain as well. In fact, performing certain exercises will not really fatigue you physically, but rather tire you mentally. This is because you will primarily use your brain to do so.

These include exercises as simple as pulling your toes forward and backward. Sounds easy, but while performing, most people struggle with it. This improves brain function.

Also, performing daily activities like brushing, eating, and bathing with your non-dominant hand is equally challenging.

  1. Playing Brain Games

Do you remember that as children we used to play memory games with our friends, which includes every participant naming a fruit or country, depends on the genre you are playing, and the next participant, along with the previous list of names keeps adding one to the tally?

This gets tougher and tougher as the list gets longer. This is a classic example of brain games, we used to play unknowingly. They challenge our focus, concentration, and memory, of course.

  1. Board Game Nights

We all know how Chess can help brain development. Similarly, every classic board or card game has different advantages.

So, you must have frequent and regular family board game nights. It will not only help you bond but also help children, teens and even older people develop different kinds of skills. Games like Monopoly, Jenga, and cards are fun in playing and also quite progressive in nature.

  1. Online Games

They have been under the scanners, especially since the pandemic hit our doors. While some people are ardent lovers of the variations and customization, so many of them have also criticized it.

The primary disadvantage of an online game is its addictive nature, which if kept under control and managed well, can actually be utilized for brain development. Check out such brain games that are available online and play wisely!

  1. Active communication

It is simple, active communication leads to active learning. As simple as that. And by active communication, I don’t mean texting, which is quite popular these days.

What I really mean is, talking to your little one, or elder one, and learning problem-solving skills. This comes from talking in person rather than on text. Especially in the younger days.

Over to you…

All of the points mentioned above are backed by experts and are also supported by several studies. But if you have specific concerns regarding brain development or related issues like depression and sleep disorder, you should seek expert care like https://neurocareclinics.com.au/