Vehicle accidents are very common in the US. The majority of these car collisions are caused by human error. Though some are relatively minor, other crashes are fatal, and thousands of lives are being taken annually by these horrible accidents. If you, a relative or friend, was involved in an auto accident, it’s best to consult with the most reliable local car accident lawyers for legal counsel. Here are the major causes of road accidents that you should know.

1. Drunk driving

This one of the leading causes of road accidents in the United States and other countries around the world. Alcohol can impair your judgment, an issue that could compromise your safety and that of other road users. If you’re drunk, ask a sober friend to take you home or take the taxi.

2. Reckless driving

Speeding over the limit, changing lanes recklessly, and acting aggressively while driving could cause accidents. Therefore, it is recommended to take the time and stay calm when driving. Adhere to traffic rules when changing lanes, don’t exceed the speed limit, and respect other road users. Remember, responsible behavior can prevent fatal crashes.

3. Distracted driving

Studies show that distracted driving is among the top cause of car crashes for the past few decades. Making calls while driving, changing radio stations, and doing anything else that could distract you can cause fatal accidents. You should pay attention to your car and the road while driving. That means you shouldn’t check your text messages, make calls, read, apply makeup, and talk while driving.

4. Improper turns

Well, everyone makes mistakes. However, lapses in judgment when driving can result in horrible crashes. If you don’t get in the right lane to make a turn, fail to follow the traffic signals, and don’t use your vehicle signals properly, the chances are that you will cause an accident.

You should be aware of all street signs that warn of a single-way street and other irregularities, particularly if you’re driving in an unfamiliar area.

5. Tire blowouts

Most drivers know how bad it is to get a flat tire while driving. It is an incident that can force your car to swerve unexpectedly. If you ever experience this, stay calm and stay in control of the steering wheel. Pullover and call an expert or someone who can help you change the damaged wheel.

6. Speeding

Though it is tempting to push the speed limit when in a hurry, studies show that speeding is the second most prevalent cause of auto accidents. So, you should always resist the urge to speed. Just stick to the speed limit and all other traffic rules.

Wrap up

Each day, road accidents happen across the country. Sometimes, these vehicle accidents occur due to a combination of reasons such as speeding, bad weather, reckless driving, and more. Remember, the consequences of car crashes might be severe, and it is crucial to adhere to all traffic rules when driving.