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6 ways via which VoIP will boost up your team productivity

Do you think that VoIP is used only to make/receive calls, transfer them instantly, and record them for future references? 

Then we must say that what you know is only the tip of the iceberg. 

The business phone number has far-flung penetration in an organization and improves the productivity of the team by all means. When implemented right, VoIP will not only help you earn excellent customer satisfaction but also help your customer care team perform better, faster, and economically. 

Here are the top 6 productivity boosting ways of VoIP –

  1.   Your agents will have everything on a fingertip. 

Your agents are not simply speaking to the customer over a call. They are also looking out for a solution, updating the records about the concerns of the customers, providing information about the progress in customers’ concern, and notifying the concerned department about the caller details simultaneously. Handling so much at a time is indeed highly daunting and exhausting.  Gathering and updating information from/at so many places takes away most of the time of your agents and leads to less productivity at areas which demands most of the focus. 

Virtual phone system comes with a well-integrated suite of other platforms such as Zoho,  Pipedrive, Slack, and so on. But, it brings CRM, sales, and marketing department of a company over a single place. So, your agents will be able to collect/disperse information from a single place. No need to juggle between so many different platforms. This way, they are likely to resolve your customers’ concern faster and easier. Plus, it saves their time and efforts which can be used in other crucial areas. 

  1.   No need of number hunting 

In all the organizations, some departments/business associates need to be contacted again and again in a day’s operation. Speed dialing is one feature of VoIP Phone Number that helps your agents to set frequently contacted numbers and call them by pressing a single key instead of dialing the same number again and again. 

  1.   Location and time coordinates are not going to hamper

There are many instances where your agents are forced to work with limited potential. For example, if you have poor connectivity on your LAN connection or you had a major technical failure at the office. In both the cases and many others, VoIP is of great help as you can operate it from anywhere. 

For example, if your UK virtual phone number is not taking calls properly on your office LAN connection, you can configure it on your mobile and start making calls. On the same note, it is also helpful in case of any technical failure at the office. Your agents can be all functional from any of the data-driven devices. 

  1.   Select which call to be answered first 

Let’s be frank here. Not all customer calls are important. Some are just a waste of time. In that case, your agents squander away their energy over a casual customer and run out of zest and zeal when an interested one calls them. To avoid such situations, your VoIP offers a selective call forwarding facility. 

By the use of this feature, you can easily forward certain customers’ calls to any other alternative number. This way, you can be relaxed that the right customer is getting the right attention. Plus, it helps your agents to use their energy in the right manner. 

  1.   You answer your voicemails with fewer efforts 

Not every customer will take the pain to dial your number, wait for a few seconds to get answered, and explain a thing to you from beginning to end. Some prefer the easier way, leaving a voicemail. Though it is easy for the customer, it is highly grueling for the customer care team. They have to listen to the voicemail, transcribe it, and then send an email to the client with the appropriate answer. 

Instead of doing all this, you can use the voicemail to email transcribing feature of your Norway virtual phone number (the number starting with area code 2 for Oslo, 62 for Hedmark, 77 for Troms, 78 for Finmark and so on). It has an in-built facility to transcribe the voicemails to emails. This boosts up your team’s productivity. 

  1.   Get your peace of mind when it’s needed the most 

How irritating is to get a casual call in the middle of a meeting or anything equally important? 

Very irritating. This constant disturbance surely reduces the productivity of people present there. Office phone number comes with “Do Not Disturb” feature wherein you can block calls for a specified period. Don’t worry. You will not miss them as VoIP will put them on voicemail. You can listen to them later and call them back. You can set a personalized message as well. 

VoIP can be used in numerous ways. Starting from saving you big bucks on operational costs to improve the productivity of men at work, it does all of it. So, why to wait? Get one for your business and boost your team productivity.

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