Every man has self-esteem. Some have low, while others have high self-esteem. It is a feeling in men that makes them feel valuable and virtue. If a man has low self-esteem, he might be a submissive attitude, with low energy and lead a meaningless life. Many reasons cause low esteem problems in men. Here are 7 Common Causes Of Low Self-Esteem in Men.

  • Earlier sexual activity: It is seen that our of curiosity, often, some boys indulge in sexual activity before adolescence or become adults. Due to this immature age, they usually have a bitter experience, which they regret their entire lifetime. This reduces the person’s self-esteem to the extent that he feels awkward when he stands in front of a crowd.
  • Teen pregnancy:-When a person makes the physical relationship in a teenage or early stage of life, and the partner becomes pregnant; then he gets worried because of defamation of his name in society. He becomes afraid if his name comes out in public.
  • Drug abuse:- Often, men take drugs for intoxication to create several disorders after some time. They might be addicted to nicotine, or drugs that can adulterate the blood composition and cause several problems in reproductive organs.
  • Negative thoughts:- If the person always thinks of the unfavorable circumstances, he might suffer from trauma and create additional problems in his life and career. Those men whose minds are full of negative thoughts and negative emotions his happy hormones are produced less, which makes him feel sad even in happy moments.
  • Inability to make good choices:- Decision making is the ability which is the essential attribute of successful men. If this ability is not found in any person, they lose self-esteem and respect for their own eyes.
  • Body Physique:- The physique of men makes them look attractive if they are healthy. Too many lean and think men are often looking down by girls. They often make fun of think of boys or men. This makes them lose self-respect and might develop personality disorders.
  • Inadequate production of testosterone:- Testosterone is the essential hormone that brings masculine voice in adult age. They help in the growth of pubic hairs and the widening of chests as well. It plays a vital role in the reproductive process, as well. If the person’s body lacks in producing testosterone, then he might lose self-respect and esteem.

Testosterone gel 50 mg is a colorless and transparent hydro alcoholic gel which consists of testosterone hormone. Doctors should prescribe this medicine if the person is suffering from hypogonadism. This gel is to be applied by palms of the hands to abdomen areas. Leave the gel applied on the skin for 5 to 6 minutes after applying the gel in affected areas. Swimming should be avoided after application until 5 hours. This gel is flammable; hence we should not go near to flames or heat as it could catch fire easily. It can be used for medication for increasing the testosterone hormone in the body.