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7 Marketing Trends to Watch Out For In 2020

As civilization progresses, marketing trends are fast advancing to meet up with economic competition. New strategies and opportunities are speedily catching on as brand owners are in search of everything and anything to put them at the top of their game. Preparing yourself and your brand for the coming year will help you select the right marketing strategies and drive up sales. In lieu of that, here is a list of marketing strategies soon to become a trend in 2020. Some of these are what you have already seen, but you are about to see them trend better.


The cashless policy has become a growing trend with the advent of technology. Moving from place to complete transactions, even those as minimal as checking account balance, can really become frustrating. Banking from your mobile phone has made things quite easy. You don’t have to walk to the bank or stand in a long queue to get transactions done. Having your monetary tasks completed in seconds within the four walls of your comfort zone is more than feasible to the ears. With the ease it comes with, mobile banking will hit the top in 2020 and even years to come.


One of the platforms with the greatest audience is social media. Surely you must have come in contact with advertisements on social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram have one of the largest audiences with little or no restrictions on one’s reach. The majority of brands and blogs have got their traffic through online publicity and advertisements. With extensive global coverage, Facebook, Instagram ads connect marketers from all over the world, and it’s just a click away.

A socially average human being spends at least 10 hours online, with over one billion users on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Social media ads are a major way to reach a vast audience.


The traditional method of having a store stocked full of products that might probably reach its expiry date is quickly going out of fashion. Online stores can range from app stores like play store to content stores that help create content, websites templates such as designmodo email templates, product stores for online shopping, and even abstract service stores. The advancement of online stores gives you the luxury of searching through a wide range of options and picking your choice. It also saves the marketer the stress of stocking up goods that don’t end up running out.

Online stores can also serve as a side job as the marketers have the privilege of going on with their daily activities as that is needed for a medium to reach the platform for sales. The use of online stores is massive in 2019 and will only continue to grow in 2020.


Apps like YouTube boast of regular views on their platforms. Celebrity videos, gossips, and even sometimes even shows are streamed live on these platforms. The idea of motion pictures alone tends to catch attention as you scroll by. Videos with interesting content still having the end goal of publicizing the product in mind will yield quite positive results. Approximately 82% of Twitter users regularly watch videos, and over a billion users are subscribed to various channels on YouTube. With DIY’s and mini clips sometimes even online courses and classes, video content is vastly making its way to one of the top marketing strategies, and by 2020 it will be a major pathway for brands.


Surely you must have seen that bag or wristwatch online that certainly catches your fancy. Monkey Shopping, as funny as it sounds, has been the root of every online transaction made. There is always that time one is unsure of what to get for a friend’s birthday or wedding anniversary; going online gives you a wide range of options from which you can choose. Sometimes it’s not even what you need, but just seeing it looking attractive encourages and convinces you to get it. Survey has shown that the majority of accessories and products purchased were freelanced.


Everyone wants an easier life. Having to type out a problem does not feel as satisfying as having to tell someone or in this case, something and have them bring the answers to you. Voice search also reduces cases of spelling errors added to the fact that it is technologically classy. Siri and Google search are samples of voice search engines that make an online search easy as well as interactive so if you’re on the go and you can’t tap at your screen just call on your ready to help voice search engine and have your issues or tasks carried out with little or no stress at all.


Content writing, content marketing, this is all marketing strategies. Creating content that catches the attention of your audience is a trend to which brand owners are speedily catching up. Contents creators are becoming one of the most productive lines of business with a high turnover and are still having space for expansion. Contents can be in the form of texts, graphics, animations, videos, and the likes, and good content creates a good impression before even trying out the product. Scrolling through and seeing a colorful video or a text with that trending catchphrase will have you tap rather than the regular template you see on an everyday basis.


In such a technologically driven age, introducing these strategies and techniques will have you trending along with the market strategy. As business owners are finding out, the search for new and effective marketing strategies is on the move. Marketing strategies are one of the most sourced for content on online search engines, and as it is, may the best strategy trend. As old traditional methods are gradually being dropped paving the way for new tactics, having knowledge on the most efficient method that will most likely fill in the trend will help you boom that business idea of yours to the top.

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