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7 Platforms to Look Out for Bitcoin Trading

Cryptocurrency, sometimes regarded as digital gold due to a massive surge in the price of Bitcoin since 2017 is the world’s latest asset which is taking the realm of investment by storm. The only reason why cryptocurrency has the potential to commence trading and commerce worldwide, irrespective of the volatile. Investors are in love with cryptocurrency as their risks pay off. Nevertheless, almost all investors prefer Bitcoin due to its market capitalization and availability.

Not only Bitcoin, rather all cryptocurrencies are getting the prominence they deserve in the due course of time. There are several reasons why cryptocurrency trading is popular among investors, such as:

  • The returns are staggering. There is the highest probability that you invest and has the potential to make you rich. The first recorded price of a single Bitcoin was $986.23. If we look at Bitcoin’s worth now a single Bitcoin costs around $8,000 which are 740% more than the first recorded price.
  • Cryptocurrency has become a preferred means of savings when put into contrast with fiat currency. Due to financial, economic, and geopolitical uncertainties, cryptocurrency has become a preferred means of investment.

The reasons make it obvious why Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency is popular for quite some time now! Let us look at the best Bitcoin Trading Platform to opt for if you want to invest and trade in Bitcoin.

Top 7 Bitcoin Trading platforms in the world right now:


With eToro you can connect, talk, and share your strategies with an extensive community where all users use the platform to trade Bitcoin. Etoro provides you with $100,000 when you first open a new account. You can use the amount for trading in cryptocurrency virtually and improve your trading skills.

The platform features 30 indicators & tools alongside a wide array of crypto/crypto pairs and cryptocurrencies. There is one more reason why we think eToro is a great platform as users can make as many withdrawals as possible.


In the arena of cryptocurrency trading, CoinBase is the undisputed leader as it is the original cryptocurrency trading platform with numerous trading options and great client base. You can buy and sell 17 distinctive cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and XRP.

Upon signing up, Coinbase clients have access to both Coinbase Pro and Coinbase Wallet. Coinbase Wallet features a centralized location where clients can access their coins as well as ICOs. Newer technologies in digital currency can also be found in Coinbase Wallet. Coinbase Pro, on the other hand, provides trading experience with cutting-edge security available in the market.

Bitcoin Trader

Experienced cryptocurrency traders are always in search of a holistic platform, well the search is over as Bitcoin Trader site offers a wide selection of investable assets which is mostly preferred by professional traders.

Bitcoin Trader is aimed for beginners and experienced investors in the cryptocurrency market who want to trade in automation mode. The platform also offers Demo Trading, which is for the new traders to practice buying and selling the orders.

Crypto Rocket

The multipurpose trading platform deals in forex, cryptocurrency and CFD brokerage. Also, it charges almost nothing while signing up. Crypto Rocket also has their proprietary platform for the web which bears MetaTrader 4, a powerful trading platform for forex which experienced investors use significantly.

As far as device compatibility is concerned, Mac and Windows users can use MetaTrader with ease. Users get more than 30 distinctive cryptocurrencies which are available for trading alongside 50 distinctive forex pairs & CFDs for stocks like Amazon and Twitter. You can also avail the 24/7 customer support via phone, live chat, and email.


Regarded among the most distinctive crypto-asset trading platforms which redefined the entirety of trading platforms. New and experienced users can access to the following feature in Capfolio:

  • Automated strategies for trading.
  • Terminal for Manual Trading
  • Sentiment analysis of research and news
  • Clone trading and social leader
  • Cutting-edge back testing engine.


As a popular trading platform, Gemini provides the best investment portfolio in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, as it focuses on transparency and security. Gemini is the epitome of a secured trading platform as its sole purpose is to protect the funds and the investments of the users from cyber thefts.

Gemini is a little different from other trading platforms, it is completely regulated, and this is more reason why the platform provides top-notch security.


The platform began its journey as a fee-free brokerage platform; however, the platform expanded its foray into cryptocurrency. Robinhood Crypto is the ultimate option for Bitcoin trading as it is the best platform for Bitcoin trading.

Given that Robinhood is a great platform for Bitcoin trading, there is another reason why the platform is popular among the masses, it provides free share to GE, Ford, and Apple.Inc.

Investment in Bitcoin is a more credible way to make money in this era. It will provide massive returns over a period, short or long.

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