Golf is a relaxing activity for many. It’s a very challenging sport that allows people to get in a good day’s exercise as they hone their skills on the golf course. Golf is also a very popular form of social interaction and business networking.

Having the right equipment is crucial to success in this game. The proper clubs, golf bag, golf ball, tees and other related accessories are something that every student of the game should have. While the cost for these items can add up over time, they are very well worth the investment for people who love to golf.

One of the most important elements to anyone’s golf game is of course the golf clubs. There are different clubs for different kinds of shots. There are right-handed and left-handed clubs. There are also clubs that are best for people of different heights. Having the right clubs that are best suited for your game is essential for a good day on the course. How do you know what to choose? There is a lot of information available that can make your decision easier. You can read about the top 12 best hybrid clubs reviewed and others online. You can also ask your local club professional or ask friends or neighbors about their experiences with different brands of clubs.

Here are seven tips on how to choose the right golf club:

  1. Look at the irons. If you tend to hit the golf ball directly on the club face every time, muscle-backed irons are right for you. If you hit the ball anywhere on the club face, then cavity-backed irons are probably your best bet.
  2. Examine the grip thickness. When shopping around for golf clubs, take some time to examine the club grips. If the grips are too thick, they may restrict your hand movement too much. If the grips feel rather thin, they don’t allow your hands to move much at all during your swing. The proper grips for you should let your middle and ring fingers to just barely touch the pad of your thumb as you hold the club. If your fingers don’t touch your thumb, the grip is too thick. If your middle and ring fingers dig into the pad of your thumb, the grip is too thin.
  3. Look at the clubhead. There are many different sizes of Clubheads on the market today. Midsize, standard and oversize Clubheads are common. You may be tempted to buy bigger Clubheads thinking that they give you less opportunities to miss your shot, but consider your own style of game play before making a decision.