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7 Winning Instagram Contest Ideas (And How to Run Your Own

ByDave Stopher

Feb 20, 2020 ##Social

Instagram accounts which run contest can have 70% rise in follower growth than those which don’t run contests. Thus for making your Instagram account popular, running contests can be the best step to take.

Here are some winning ideas which can help you to make your contest successful.

So, let’s begin!

Idea 1: Tag and win

The idea of tag and win contest is amusing and very straightforward. All you need to do is to ask users to tag their friends in section of comments for participating in the contest and becoming eligible for winning the reward. The format of contest performs a big job in improving the organic reach of your profile. This is due to tagging done by users. As they will tag their friends, their friends will get a notification, who after then reach to your profile and will become your follower potentially. They may continue tagging other people.

For increasing the influence of this feedback loop, you can ask people for following your account along with tagging others. Buy Instagram Followers UK , For being brave, you can ask users to tag more than one person in comments, which, again, rises your potential reach.

Idea 2: Like and win

In this contest, you ask users to like your posts for entering into contest and gaining a chance to win. Even, you can use a phrase of “double tap now and win” since double tapping an image likes it automatically on Instagram. Also, there is an option to ask users to like your page on Facebook, which can make it easier to increase your visibility and thus, the impact of contest. For boosting the follower count, you can ask people to follow you and become able to win.

Idea 3: Selfie contest  

In this kind of contest which works especially good with products. In selfie contest, you can ask users to upload their selfie while using one of your products. The format of this contest is particularly useful for brands as it helps in showing potential followers about how to use the product. It is a good way of getting UGC

In the description of this contest, use unique hashtags and then ask users to use these hashtags when they post their selfies. You can easily look for selfies uploaded by people for the contest by searching that hashtag on Instagram. After you gather all the selfies, choose the best and reward it.

Idea 4: Photo contest

Just like the selfie contest, this contest involves uploading of photos by users. But there is a small difference. In this contest you don’t ask users for taking their selfies. Rather, you ask them to take a picture of any type, as they wish.

Like selfie contest, you can ask users for submitting photos and upload them along with the unique hashtags which you have created. After then you can easily search that hashtag on Instagram for collecting the photos posted by people and choose one winning photo.

In this type of contest, it is not needed to offer any physical reward for winner. You can let people know that as a prize you will feature their posts om your account.

Idea 5: Voting contest

The voting contests revolve around following steps:

  1.     You can ask users to post the pieces of content along with the designated hashtags. You can also ask them to tag the link of your profile in description.
  1. After then, your followers will search this hashtag on Instagram and vote for one which they consider as the best. An easiest way of collating votes is asking people to like a photo which they think must be the winner.
  2. A use having the highest  Buy automatic instagram likes is considered as the winner.

Idea 6: Caption contest

In caption contest, you need to ask users for writing a caption for the photo which you have posted. After this point, you can do things: wither choose the best caption on the basis of your judgement or ask other people to choose the best caption.

A better way is to use second option for engaging more audience while first option is helpful to prevent artificial users from inflating themselves artificially.

Idea 7:  Challenge contest

If you are on that point where you require of putting together the contest in very less time, the challenge contest does wonders. In this contest, you only require of coming up with simple challenge for the users to meet and the one who achieves this challenge, wins.

It is not necessary to use a complicated challenge for this contest, but, in general, simple contest can draw more participation and engagement. Keep the format low effort and simple, making it the best choice for people who see your contest on Instagram.

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