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7 Youtube Tips To Boost Traffic And Engagement


YouTube is presently right next to Google on the list of the most popular search engines. As Google’s brainchild, YouTube has moved to the top with more than 4 billion videos being streamed each passing day and a stunning 60 hours of video getting uploaded each moment.

However, with such massive popularity comes great competition. If you currently own a YouTube channel then you must be aware of how difficult it can be to drive traffic to your channel and increase engagement on YouTube.

We have come up with seven tips to boost engagement and traffic on your YouTube channel. As an added push to your YouTube career, you can also utilize some of the best places to buy YouTube subscribers. Have a look at few tips that can help you to gain engagement:-

Metadata includes tags, title, and the description of your video, basically everything that makes your viewers understand what your video is about.

Your video’s title and description will decide two things – if it will show up in search results or not, and whether your viewers will watch it or not. Enhancing these vital segments of your video will assist in displaying your video in the search results of both Google and YouTube. Sometimes, even if your video is not great but you have a brilliant description and a catchy title, it will definitely increase engagement on YouTube.

Playlists are an amazing feature by YouTube that lets you group your videos based on a topic of your choice and present it as a collection to your viewers. Assembling good playlists will help you increase engagement on YouTube by a high margin. It will increase your views and as far as subscribers are concerned, you can use some of the best sites to buy real YouTube subscribers and boost your channel.

Always make sure that you write keyword focussed titles and descriptions for your playlists.

YouTube annotations are a method of adding interactive pop-ups to your video. they are like a Call-To-Action (CTA) that will guide a viewer to complete a task such as – subscribe to your channel, clicking the ‘Notify Me’ button, being directed to a different video on your channel, and more! All these actions help you increase your engagement on YouTube significantly. To gain more subscribers, you can check out the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers.

To add an annotation, you can simply click on “Edit Video” on an already uploaded video on your channel and select “Annotations”. You can add annotations in several quirky styles like – speech bubble, note, title, spotlight, label, and pause.

Setting up and reinforcing your brand through customized backgrounds, links to other social media accounts, tailor-made banners, and layouts are very important.

It is crucial to create an overall theme for your brand which you must incorporate into all your social media platforms. Branding your channel provides consistency to your viewers by giving them a similar look and feel as they would see on any other online platform. All your marketing channels should be unique yet somehow interconnected.

Brand recall across all online platforms will definitely help you increase engagement on YouTube as well.

The first thing a user looks at before clicking on the video is the Thumbnail. If you create a boring and simple thumbnail, there are high chances that your video will not be clicked on by the viewer.

Make sure that all your videos have distinct thumbnails. You can also experiment with adding some text in cool fonts to entice the viewer.  Your thumbnail should be high resolution, and if you do add text its size should be legible on all screens. You can try mixing up the title a little to add to your thumbnail in a compelling manner. Create something that the viewer will just HAVE to click on, but stay away from clickbait!

Video watch time is a key positioning variable for videos. The fraction of your video watched is a higher priority than the number of minutes.  To get more authentic subscribers who will watch your content, you can use some of the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers.

In today’s world, where our attention spans are constantly decreasing, getting more individuals to watch your videos entirely is a tremendous test. According to recent surveys, a user spends about 20 seconds on a website. It is crucial that you gain your viewer’s interest within the first 5-10 seconds of your video to help increase your engagement on YouTube.

Following are the four top marketing strategies to increase engagement on YouTube


Whether you are looking to start a YouTube channel or already have one that needs more engagement and traffic, these seven tips will surely give you leverage and boost your YouTube career.

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