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8 Product Packaging Tips That Will Make Your Product the Center of Attention


May 30, 2022

In retail and e-commerce, the look of a product is a significant part of marketing. You need your customers to fall in love at first sight with your product. That’s where product packaging comes in.

Product packaging not only protects the product but also adds value to it. For example, a “Tiffany & Co.” box itself shows the product’s value. People recognize it instantly.

In this article, we have featured eight product packaging tips that will change your brand’s presence. Let’s jump straight into it.

Product Packaging for Your Brand

Starting or running a brand is challenging, and packaging is a critical element. You need to be able to communicate to your targeted customers through packaging. To help you out on your journey, we have eight product packaging tips that will help to highlight your product in the market.

Moreover, you have probably seen a ton of unboxing videos on YouTube lately, which help small brands stand out. These small brands may not be able to provide luxury boxes, but they use packing tape, bringing some customization to show off their brand name.

Eight Tips for Product Packaging

Tip no. 1: Honest Packaging

When you are marketing your product, your packaging needs to show the actual product. If you try to showcase your product as something different, your customers will be misled. You may see a sales hike initially, but you will be losing customers. They will feel cheated and may boycott your brand. You don’t want that! So be honest with your packaging.

Tip no. 2: Customized Packaging

Every customer feels special when they get customized product packaging. Small brands don’t have the ability to appeal to every customer, but they can customize their brand packaging to make it look unique. Plain, brown, or white boxes look dull and unattractive at times. So you may want to customize it. Choose some fun colors matching your product to stand out in the stores.

For example, if your product is essential oils, and you pack them in a brown bag, it might look cheap. Get your boxes customized to suit your brand. If it’s fitting, many customers will choose it just because of the lovely packaging.

Tip no. 3: Inform Your Customers

You decide to pack your product in a plain, brown box with just your label. It’s not informative to the customers when shopping for that exact product.

Your box should mention what your product is and its meaning. If you want, you can also add how it’s made or what it’s made of. Try adding this to the front side of the product package. It will help convince the customer to choose your brand.

Tip no. 4: Less Is More

Always remember, less is more! When deciding on your packaging, don’t go for distracting designs or hard-to-read texts. Also, don’t overcrowd your product packaging with lots of text. No shopper has the patience to stand and read your product details.

Keep everything simple. Only mention the essential points of your product on the front of the packaging. For example, if you look at a bottle of Chanel perfume, you’ll notice it’s very straightforward. It mentions the fragrance, the brand name, and the product. Yet it looks so elegant.

Tip no. 5: Eco-friendly & Reusable

We have all seen the devastating effects of plastic wraps, straws, or bags. It is gradually swallowing our oceans and harming the animals. But many brands prefer to use plastic packaging to cut costs.

According to research by Trivium Packaging, 74 percent of US customers are willing to pay more for eco-friendly packaging. Eco-friendly packaging can be innovative and attractive. You can use plant-based plastic and reusable containers. When customers know you care about the environment, they will be more likely to buy your product.

For example, recently, the demand for jar cakes has increased. This happened because many online businesses were in search of eco-friendly alternative . They are recyclable and reusable. They also look pretty with the cake inside.

Tip no. 6: Be Aware of Your Competitors & Know Your Market

Do some research on your competitors and highlight the things that are working or not working for their packaging. It will help you get a clear idea of what your packaging style should and shouldn’t have.

Moreover, research your targeted market. Get familiar with them. It will give you an idea of how you should portray the product.

Tip no. 7: Keep Your Brand Consistent

You just remodeled your brand packaging and noticed a slight decrease in sales. You get concerned and change it all over again. This strategy won’t benefit you; instead, you might lose some customers. Your customers will get confused with all the changes in such a short period. They might think that someone is counterfeiting your products. It will make them avoid your product, and you’ll lose sales. So try to keep your packaging consistent, even for online stores.

We are not telling you to keep the same packaging for years. Just try to keep some similarities when you make changes.

Tip no. 8: Quality Matters

Quality is the most important of all the factors. Your packaging can be slick, but no one will repurchase your product if it doesn’t have good quality. Never sacrifice quality to spend more on the packaging. Always set aside the budget for your product manufacturing. It will help you maintain your quality and give you some room to spend extra on the packaging.

Bottom Line

If you want your product to stand out on the store shelves, follow the product packaging tips from this guide and be creative with it. Try to incorporate your product into the packaging in a smart way. The way your packaging feels and looks will benefit you in the long run. Remember, the packaging shows the quality of the product inside!

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