Finding the perfect gift for your girlfriend can be a challenge. Fortunately there are amazing gifts that you can give her that will put a smile on her face. The key to getting the best gift is to give her one that fits her style and personality and shows how much thought you put into it. Think outside of the box with eight of the most romantic gifts you can give your girlfriend.


Beautiful handmade bracelets, ring or necklace is always a good choice. There is wide variation in styles when it comes to jewelry, so it pays to know what she likes while selecting the right piece she will love. If she dresses casual and enjoys a toned-down look, go for neutral colors and materials like earthy greens, browns and oranges. If she is a glamour girl, diamond or other gemstone jewelry will work well. While it takes away the element of surprise, it is helpful to ask her what she likes or let her pick it out.

Subscription Service Gifts

Subscriptions are gifts that keep giving month after month. If your girlfriend loves coffee, makeup or socks, you can sign her up for a subscription service that will deliver her favorites every month. There are subscription services for almost any interest, so finding the right one should be a breeze. Subscription services are also great because they will allow her to try out new products each month from the comfort of home.

A Custom Map

For a sentimental gift, order her a custom map of her favorite location. The place you first met, your favorite holiday destination, the city where she was born—there are endless options for your custom map. This is an excellent gift for the travel lover or the sentimental girlfriend. You can even add in personal touches like a heart over a certain intersection or coordinate. A custom map is an inexpensive gift that she will treasure for years.

Experience Gifts

Some of the best gifts are not things, but experiences. You can arrange for her to drive a race car for the day or take a sunset boat trip. Helicopter tours Brisbane are especially popular and will give her the chance to see all that the city has to offer from an eagle-eye perspective. You can also treat her to lunch afterward for an even more amazing gift.

A Good Night’s Rest

There are few things more comforting than a good night’s rest in a comfy bed. Buy her a set of high-quality sheets, a brand new comforter and new pillows. There are some great sets that she will love, and you two can snuggle under them together. Go for at least 480 thread count sheets for the highest degree of luxury.

A Video Message from Her Favorite Celebrity

Did you know that you can have her favorite musician, athlete or movie star wish her a happy birthday or any other message you choose? A new service offers you the chance to order a customized message from one of thousands of celebrities. This is a gift that is sure to surprise and delight.

The Gift of Travel

There are so many beautiful places in the world to visit, and taking your girlfriend on a trip is a gift she is not sure to forget. A trip to the Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Opera House or Brisbane would be sure to delight. Unlike most gifts that wear out over time, a trip is a gift that will allow her a lifetime of memories.

Clothing and Accessories

Most ladies love getting new clothes and accessories. From a beautiful dress to earrings and handbags, there are endless options when it comes to giving your girlfriend the gift of clothing. Like any other gift, it pays to know what she likes. Gift cards to her favorite stores are always a hit, so if you’re unsure, just let her shop for herself.

When it comes to getting the best romantic gift for your girlfriend, there are an infinite number of options. From helicopter tours in Brisbane to custom maps and subscriptions to her favorite products there are so many ways to surprise her with the perfect gift.

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