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8 Top Technology Trends Impacting Workplace Safety

ByDave Stopher

Jun 19, 2019 #Business

Workplaces are evolving, and for many, the safety of the people that are in there are being affected for the better.  There are so many new and innovative means of technology that are being used to impact workplace safety, and here, we’ll discuss a few of the new trends in workplace safety involving technology, and how it’s affecting everyone.

Computer-Based Training

Lots of training these days are done by the computer, and many times, it can get updated for better results.  Computer training is actually very strategically-focused, in that the ultimate goal is to ensure proper safety and evacuation.  It can allow you to get the workplace training that you need, with advanced software that allows you to look at safety information whenever.  You can also have it track the employee safety training so that you can find out for yourself if the person has read over this, and also what you’re going to get as a result from their own personal knowledge.

Wearable Technology

this is a new and very innovative addition to workplace safety.  These allow you to monitor the health of the employee, and alert others of hazards.  You can address the health problems of the people and stop accidents from happening. For example, if a person has high blood pressure, the wearable technology can warn those of it, so that they don’t’ engage in activities that hurt them, and in turn, prevent accidents in the workplace.

Another new one is work boots that allow for supervisors to track movements throughout the day, and along with smartwatches and other feedback devices, you can provide employees of changing conditions and exposures to chemicals, and you can even use these to live video chat with employees across the globe. it’s a major breakthrough in technology.

Advanced Training

Online advanced training and environments allow for employees to get detailed simulations, and allows them to run risk-free advanced trials in an environment similar to the one that they may have to face in the future. This doesn’t involve the actual space, and it can prepare them so that they can avoid all of the injuries that are present there completely. It does change the game, for it will prevent many workplace emergencies.

New Signage that is “smart”

One cool new addition to a workplace emergency management Melbourne that is becoming popular is “Smart” signage.  These are digital signs that adapt to the environments that they are in. they are digitally programmable and will tell you of changing conditions, and also provide for employees alerts that are eye-catching so that if there is something that’s going wrong in the workplace, it can be prevented, and many times, this does make a huge difference. Gone are the small stickers for hazardous materials or descriptive and long posters that are a pain to read.

AI Surveillance

Yes, you can have AI watch over the workplace, and they are popular surveillance systems that enhance the developmental fields.  Smart surveillance cameras don’t just monitor employees to make sure they’re doing what they’re doing, they actually can help with preventing accidents in the future.  They’re super popular, since these cameras are smart, very detailed, and actually have intuitive search engines programmed inside of them, so that if a supervisor sees that there is a potential hazard, they can alert the employees, and if there is an accident, they can figure out what went wrong to prevent it from happening again in the future.  Plus, they can also determine if there are any problems on the premises that need attention right away.

Better Furniture

Smart devices and furniture allow people to access information and review anything necessary to ct more quickly.  For example, you can get lab tables and beds for patients that allow for an employee to assess risks and prevent injuries and emergencies from happening.  There are also tablets that are there too that employees can use to report conditions.  Another good part of this too is the newly-designed furniture that prevents you from having injuries that can happen due to repetitive movements, or even poor posture, a common problem in the workplace.

Innovative Materials

Innovative materials are actually a major part of advancing technology.  Materials that are used for PPEs, or personal protective equipment, such as visors, are becoming much more durable and stronger, and they aren’t as permeable to compounds that chemicals have, and other major threats, so that if spills and such happen, it’s less threatening.  The equipment is more uniform, stronger, and much lighter in weight so that it’s less cumbersome for employees. This might seem like a small addition, but the newly innovative materials are allowing for fewer injuries in the workplace, and are ultimately making a difference.

Lens Tech

Finally, we have lens tech, which is a part of innovative materials, but it allows for glare reduction, along with improvements on the clarity when you look out at them.  This helps prevent workers from losing their vision due to a blind spot, keeps them safer since they can see clearly what they need, and it also helps with productivity since it will help with workers that tend to feel tired. It can eliminate the stress on the eyes as well, which can prevent vision from going bad as a result.  It does tie into innovative materials, but it protects the eyes from future damage.

Ensuring proper workplace safety is very important for those who are in different industries, and while there are many unsafe areas to work in, with new measures taken in the realm of workplace safety, it’s making a huge difference. People are getting injured less, there are fewer chances of fires, explosions, chemical spills, and burns from happening, and it’s making even SEO Brisbane the most dangerous of jobs safer as a result.  Workplace safety is very important, and if you’re someone who runs a business specializing in any materials, hazardous or otherwise, making sure people are safe is a huge priority, and these help.

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